Cromwell Lake Spring summer series 2015 Round Fourteen

Sat 13 June 15


Upon arrival at the lake for the draw, virtually every swim on the lake looked like fish porn. After two very warm days and with the lakes water temperature being very warm, mother nature had finally put the majority of the fish in the lake in full on spawning mode. I drew peg no 13, which is one of my favourite pegs on the lake. So I made my way to the swim but as I approached, I could see the fish smashing about in the marginal rushes and in large numbers!

Peg 9

Now many of you will think I’m crazy but I’m a fond believer in leaving all species of fish to their peace whilst spawning as I hate to foul hook fish under any circumstances. I set up as per usual with a 14m pole line to the island at 11 oclock and clipped up my feeder rod at 35 turns to the right hand point of the bridge channel directly in front of me.

Island pole swim
Channel feeder swim

The Match

At the all in, I cast a method ball over to the point of the channel and I instantly had a wrap round producing a small stock carp of roughly 1lb, and to my dismay, apart from a few line bites, that was all I had to show for my first hour. I then spent the next hour tight to the island marginal vegetation on the pole line, this only produced 7 bites and all produced foul hook fish, which were lost instantly.

After seeing the commotion in the reeds in my swim and after foul hooking several fish, I made the decision to move away from the spawning areas and try to catch feeding fish away from the margins on both line. A bad decision you may think but in my opinion fishing in an area where fish re obviously spawning is a total no no! yes I ended the match with just shy of 7lbs for my efforts but at least I gave the fish a chance to continue spawning unhindered.

Foot Note – Although the match was won with 35bs and the next two weights were over 25lbs, I personally felt that fishing to the features would only result in foul hooked fish, and I despise foul hooking fish at any time, especially whilst they are spawning. Let’s face it, would you like somebody to stick a hook in your side whilst you are having sex?


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