Cromwell Lake Spring summer series 2015 Round eleven

Sat 23 May 15


After what can only be described as a run of bad draws, I was hoping for major change in luck before the 11th round of the Cromwell Lake Spring Summers series. The draw took place and at last I drew a pole peg which is feature packed and on it’s day, it can produces very good sport.

Peg 26

Peg 26 has four main areas of attack, to the right of the swim you have the main island, with rushes and tin lined margins. So I opted to fish two areas, one at 12m in a bay in the rushes in 20 inches of water. My second island swim was in a small shallow bay created when the island meets the tins.

Right hand island margin swim

To my left at 12m I had a big bed of rushes with a 1m x 1m bay that had to be fished in and tight to the steels at the back. This spot is 30 inches deep and if you don’t fish tight to the tins (no more than 6 inches off) you could be potentially missing out on some really big fish.

!2M left hand margin swim


It was going to be hard work keeping anything I hit away from the rushes, so my rigs were built specifically to handle these situations. My island rig was built on 0.22 Guru N-Gauge (12lbs) straight through, to a size 14 Guru X-Strong hook. My chosen float for this rig was the Hillbilly AK Mini 0.2g. My left hand margin rig featured identical line and hook as the shallow rig but I opted for a HB Pikey Paste, as this floats longer bristle would enable me to distinguish between liners and actual bites.

Hillbilly AK Mini top & Pikey Paste below

Bait Table

My feed and hookbait selection was nothing special but all baits on the table catch fish on the venue. My feed for the day was 50/50 Bag’em Red Aggressor and Natural micros with a few 4mm carp pellets.For my hookbaits I chose Bag’em Red Aggressor and Natural corn, and a selection of ready to use expanders, to give me a few options if things were hard. I also had a selection of 6mm & 8mm hard pellets just in case the fish were proper having it.

My bait table for the day

The Match

at the all in I fed half a pole cup of mixed micros, 4mm pellets, with some expanders and corn on both lines. I then went over to the island with a 6mm flavoured expander on the hook. my float instantly buried and after a proper scrap, I landed a good 6lbs mirror. I then revisited the island spot again and after 15 minutes I had no more indications, so I visited my left hand 12m margin and yet again, I had an instant take, this time I had a squeaky bum battle with what turned out to be a 14lbs mirror.

My feed on each line

Two put in’s and over 20lbs in the net in les than 20 minutes but that is where everything went a bit Pet Tong. Over the next 4 1/2 hours I managed to connect with 11 big fish by alternating between the two lines and managed to loose 10 of them. In total I trashed 8 rigs and managed to prune back the rushes by a good 20% as every fish I connected with led me a merry dance as they crashed through the dense aquatic foliage.

Final Result

I ended up with 28lbs plus with only three fish in the net. Could I have done anything different or better to land more of the fish I hit? not really, it was a simple case of hit and hold and hope that the fish came out into open water. So after working the margin pole hard, I felt that my feeding and tactics were spot on but these big old creatures know every inch of the lakes margins and know exactly where to take you once hooked. An enjoyable day, I finished 6th over all so good points towards qualification towards the