Comwell Lake Spring Summer Series Round Four

Sat 11 April 15


The weather had been ideal all week but as per usual, mother nature struck a blow with temperatures dropping dramatically and a harsh north, north westerly making the conditions far from perfect yet again. So at 12.00 mid day we drew our pegs and I drew the car park swim peg one yet again. After my return from this peg in round one, I knew it would be hard work as the conditions were near on the same.

My office for the match, peg one


For the first time this series, I was able to fish the pole, not at length because the wind would make presentation near on impossible but with a well noted holding area to the left of the swim close in, I fancied my chances of at least one lump from this snaggy area. To guarantee that anything hit would be landed from this area, I opted to a no prisoners rig. ).22 N-Guage straight through to a size 14 X-Strong Guru hook. My Chosen float pattern was a .5g Hillbilly Hedge Hog to make my presentation in 4 foot of water as stable as possible.

left hand margin normally produces the odd bonus fish

To offer myself a second option, I opted to fish the method tight to the bank peg directly opposite my peg, as this had produced fish on my previous visit. My method mix consisted of 1/4 bag of Red Aggressor feed pellets, 1/4 bag of Super Natural 2mm Carp Pellets, dusted with Natural Commercial Carp Paste after soaking to act as a binder, all from the Bag’em Baits Range. My hookbaits would be dead red maggot or Enterprise Tackle’s sinking artificial maggot, or if that failed, then the Sonubaits Oozing boilies on the hair for something with a bit of buoyancy and visual attraction.

I fished the method to the far margin

The Match

At the all in, I cast my method feeder tight to the far bank rushes to try and get an early fish, plus this woudl enable me to register if any fish were moving in open water as this end of the lake is very shallow, offering nothing deeper than 4 feet. After several casts a nothing to show for an hour, not even a line bite. True to form, the fish were obviously still at the river end of the lake, a good 200 feet from me!

So I changed over to the pole line to see what was happening there and this is where everything became a bit of a joke. With my heavy rig attached to red Hydrolastic, I lowered in three dead maggots to see if anything was about real tight to the stick ups at 4m. My float slid straight under and I struck, only to find it was a roach about 2 inches long that I instantly bumped off. This trend of bumping small fish of continued, no matter what i put on the hook.

With less than an hour to go, I placed two grains of large corn on my hook and feed a small pole cup of chopped corn and pellet tight to the stick ups. My float buried in a matter of seconds, producing a bleak of all things, which was bumped of as I swung it to hand and it fell off, missing my keepnet by inches (points lost)! I placed the rig back in the same spot and it buried again! this time it was a proper carp, my red Hydrolastic flew out and everything went solid. It had snagged me under a 6 foot long branch and after a bit of bullying, it felt like I was winning, only for the fish to flip it’s tale and bury my hook in the big branch!

With nothing to show for my efforts, with ten minutes to go, I started packing away my gear after casting my method to the far bank. The angler opposite, who’d had a similar day to myself and who had found my events very amusing to say the least. Also dropped his method feeder over his margin line whilst he packed away. After about three minutes his bait runner started making that distinctive sound we all love to here, he grabbed his rod and instantly pulled out of the fish to my delight. i had nearly finished packing away when my tip flew round and a small common of 3lbs 8ozs slid into my net.

Final Whistle

At the final whistle I packed the remainder of my kit away and followed the scales around the lake to see if the anglers at the other end of the lake had better luck than the several anglers round me. As per usual all of the top three weights cam from in form pegs with peg 23, 23A and peg 15 producing the top three weights. All I can say is “it was just one of those days” we all have them. Here’s hoping my next visit to Cromwell Lake has a bit more to offer than this one, What a day!!

Tight Lines

Ray Best