Match Blog 30-4-2016

Sat 30 April 16


Hi everyone today saw me at the Partridge lakes complex. Arriving at 8:30 a great breakfast and a few brews was to set me up for a days match fishing. 47 angler’s had booked on today and was spread over five lakes. With the weather forecast not looking so good a good draw was vital today. A West north westerly had started to pick up and though I felt it was on the cold side, new that you would still have to draw a peg with the wind blowing straight into it. Common pegs that are always good with this type of wind are pegs 8-10, 59-60,83-85 and 113-115.

The box of dreams revealed peg 106 which was on the back of the wind and straight away I knew I would have to work hard for a chance of coming anywhere.

Lines and bait were kept really simple. On the bait front I wetted down some Bait-Tech 2mm Carp&Course pellets, pumped some Bait-Tech 4mm Expanders and prepared some chopped worm and caster.

I plumbed up 2ft 6 inches across close to the grasses with the same lines at 7metres either side of me. This was done with both a 4×12 maggot and a 4×12 pellet rig. Then one maggot rig on my 2 plus 2 line at an angle of 2 o’clock at five foot deep with a 4×14 maggot Rig.

At the all in I fed my right hand line with a small amount of choppy and left it whilst I went straight onto my across line. As I lower a worm head into the cloud the float settled and buried straight away. First one around me to catch I thought I was on a flyer!! On the 2nd put in unfortunately nothing happened and so i tried another line across and also went on my right hand edge line but nothing! Buddhist time the lad on the next peg round was 4-1 up on me and so it was time to assess and change what I was doing. With what was happening with the choppy I soon got onto thinking that even though it was the bait to be on when fishing here that I was on a pretty tough peg and so i changed straight away to fishing pellet. Again fishing across I caught another f1 but couldnt catch another! After scratching about I had to hit my back up line early which I had been feeding with loose casters. This was to be my best line of the day! If there’s one thing I love about fishing it’s when you have to use a bit of water craft to work out where they are happy feeding on anyone line and with 2 hours to go I started to sail well infront of the lad next door. Between us though we were only catching small stockies which meant that the bigger two and half pounders were up towards the epi centre. At the final hooter I finished with 25 f1’s for 23lb Oz which gave me 2nd in the section. The lake was won from the other end as predicted with 52lb of propper f1’s.

I dont feel I could have changed much on the day as I’d tried all that was in my armoury. One thing I will say though is that it was the first time I had used the new Guru maggot and pellet hooks and from others I’ve used in the past I’d say they are definitely up there. The maggot hook seems so strong yet very light weight but I guess I’ll give them a bit more stick on my next match which is “War of the Roses” ooossshhh!!


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