Pete Mahoney

Wed 08 April 15


Pete Mahoney in action

Hi there! Fishing has been a part of my life since a very early age, in fact I was interested and taught how to fish before I new my times tables! From the age of 9 my mates and I used to sneak off to a pond called shakeys pit in Warrington my home town with a rod between us in the summer and I’d watch them catch Perch and Roach. It became such an addiction that one Sunday morning I sneaked out of the house at 6am with a couple of rounds of bread to meet them and my Dad turned up a few hours later pretty cross!! I still don’t to this day understand why! Lol.

For my 10th birthday My parents bought me a fishing rod set and from then regularly took me fishing on “Shakeys” or the Sankey St Helens canal. As I got older I started to fish on other local venues and soon enough my passion for fishing was well and truly running through my blood. Life in General even up to the present day has revolved around going fishing and I love all aspects of it. Ponds,canals,lakes,commercials I love them all and from this I think of my self as a good all rounder but what makes me really giddy is fishing the pellet wag in the summer and landing my favorite fish; the Mirror Carp.
Match fishing its self has added a different aspect to fishing. Bringing competitiveness and turning my passion into an obsession, I’ve spent hours and hours on the bank improving my water craft. I’ve fished countless matches on my favorite venues Partridge lakes and Blundells.

In 2012 my hard work was starting to pay off as I was approached by Attilla Adam from Dino floats UK and offered sponsorship. Since I’ve been involved in designing new floats for the UK market. Then in 2013 after writing loads of reports and doing well with Bait-Tech products I was asked to join the Bait-Tech street squad. Ooossshhhh. Hard work and dedication is finally paying off and I’m a firm believer in if you really want something you’ve gotta work for it!!

At present I’m looking forward to fishing the Fishomania qualifiers and the UK champs too. Its all about Preparation Preparation Preparation!

Thanks for reading and tight lines

Pete Mahoney.


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