Woodlands Thirsk - Midweek match

Thu 14 April 16


Decided to have another midweek match at woodlands! There was 30 of us on and with Partidge, Skylark and Wagtail all being used, we would all have a fair bit of room which would help! I was getting my gear out as the draw was happening so, so I planned on just seeing what was left! Gear all loaded on the barrow I went to draw! I noticed wagtail 12 was still in, and I really fancied this peg! This has been a consistently good area lately, and I was on peg 13 just the other week! However instead I pulled out skylark 16!!!!!!! Absolute flyer!

Probably my favourite peg on the entire complex! That being said, the fish havnt been there the last few matches with the wind blowing down the opposite end, however today the wind was blowing nicely into that corner so I was sure there would be a shed full there!!!

Off to my peg I went, when I got there it became apparent, there was defiantly carp present, swirls carp rolling and you could even see the occasionally one swim past! I decided to start short and work my way out on the long , feeding a bomb line for later on in case it was needed!

Bait for the day was simple;
Bag’em Pro-Competition 8mm pellets
Bag’em Pro-Competition 6mm pellets
Bag’em Pro-Competition 2mm pellets
Corn for down the edge!

Rigs for the day;
Long pole- 4×14 map df3 float, 013 mainline, 0.11 hooklength
Edge rig – map mf3 4×14 float, 0.15 mainline, 0.13 hooklength
Shallow rig- map is3 4×12, 0.13 mainline, 0.11 hooklength

I started short and had one first put in! But that was it short no more bites followed! After about 30 minutes I went on the long pole tapping a few hard pellets in and it was solid! I was quickly catching carp! This progressed and before I knew it I had several carp in the net! However the carp were clearly in a funny mood maybe sat around a foot off bottom not feeding really and foul hooked fish became a problem! I set up a new line, again tapping a few pellets out and again managed to catch a couple of fish before again foul hooking was clearly a issue! They just wouldn’t settle!

I decided to have a chuck on the bomb to try let them settle over the bait! I manged a run of fish on the bomb too! I’d heard off a friend of mine who was pegged behind me that someone was catching on a feeder! I’d also set mine up and decided it was worth a try as bites dried up on the bomb! By chucking a method it would give something for those fish to home in on! It wasn’t long before the tip was going round and several more carp were in the net!

I went on the pole in the last hour and caught a few more carp! Foul hooked fish were no longer a problem! However I feel like I’d pushed them over towards over the other side, as they were now topping and swirling over there!

At the weigh I weighed in 95lb to come second with a good friend of mine Johnny Maddison winning from partridge with 128lb! Awesome mate! Let’s just hope the flyers keep on coming!!

Tight lines



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