Woodlands Thirsk - Marching on

Sun 13 March 16


I attended another match at woodlands lakes in thrisk. I was going there on for the hat-trick, after winning the two previous matches! I was very confident id get a result as I’m drawing, and fishing well at the minute. At the draw my confidence was sky high! I couldn’t believe my luck at the draw when I pulled out skylark 19! I held it in my hand and, and I just couldn’t believe it! Instantly I had a chance. I really fancied my chances from here as I was at the right end of the lake, but I had the bottom end of partridge to beat, which was where the carp feeding were lately!

When I arrived at my peg, the wind was blowing down the other end of the lake. My peg was flat calm so I was abit skeptical, however I knew I’d catch on the pole! Although the wind was blowing down the far end of the lake, typically the end I am at is always better. I wasn’t too worried that my leg was flat calm, as the wind was especially warm so I was hoping the carp had stayed up this end of the lake, out of the bitterly cold wind.

Rigs for the day were;
4×14 map df3 float 0.13 to 0.11, white hydro.
4×12 map df3 float 0.13 to 0.11 white hydro.
Maver 10’11 reactorlite rod for the bomb.

For me white hydro is a brilliant elastic for carp, even in winter. It is so soft however can power up on the pulla when needed. It also allows you to land any fish you hook, and not bump any small fish which as we know when the weather is cold can make a huge difference.

Bait for the day was also incredibly simple;
Bag’em Pro-Competition 6mm pellets,
Bag’em Pro-Competition 8mm pellets

I started off on the bomb like the last match, and yet again not even a liner! I have started the last few matches like this, with the same result. I’ve changed baits, pellet, bread, and corn but still nothing! After half a hour I went on the pole, and again much like the last matches I caught instantly! I had around 7 carp in the first hour and half before bites dried up. This makes me wonder, how can you get bites instantly on the pole when you get absolute no signs on the tip? When my bites dried I then introduced a new line and again was quickly into carp! This is always a great tactic to use in winter, especially when you’re on a good peg, with lots of carp present. On the other hand, when there isn’t many carp present is seems to be better to just fish one line on order to concentrate the few fish that are there.

Pinging has also been a great tactic for me even in winter. This is a fanatic way to attract fish into you’re swim however even with the cold weather, it is still possible to foul hook them by feeding too much bait. I tend to try ping just two or three pellets, just to get some noise there, and have something falling through the water callum as it is this that attracts the fish.

I kept rotating my lines till the end of the match, and caught steady. Not bagged, just steady. I knew I had won my lake, however I wasn’t sure if they caught on partridge! The general feel was they hadn’t and I’d won! I had around 20 carp for 116lb for the win, with second having 48lb and 3rd had 35lb I think. I had won by quite a clear margin. When you’re confident is sky high, and you’re drawing well it’s hard to put a foot wrong!

A great start to 2016, and a third win in a row for the hat-trick!!! I hope my drawing continues, as well as my fishing, and it’s a sign for the rest of the year!

Tight lines



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