Woodlands Lakes Thirsk, - Another day, another peg

Sun 26 July 15


Venue – Woodlands Lakes

Lake – Skylark

Peg – 18

On Sunday I was invited to fish friendly club match again at woodlands. The chosen lake was skylark! I was hoping to draw a end peg at the very top of the lake,with the wind going in! Generally in these conditions the pegs at the top of the lake are incredibly hard to beat, as they are normally solid! I managed to draw skylark 18!! Bang on! When I drew here, I knew I had a real chance and I knew I could win from here! The only slight problem may be the wind! It was set to be quite a strong wind blowing up my end of the lake which may limit my options but if I’m honest I was that excited to get to my peg, this was the last of my worries!!!

I set my gear up full of confidence! I normally always seem to do pretty good any time I’m up this end of the lake for some reason, and this peg was perfect! There wasn’t many signs of carp showing, however I wasn’t bothered by this at all! I knew the carp would be here in these conditions! They had to be!! The only problem with this peg is the fact it’s right in the corner! This can make it abit difficult to land the fish sometimes, as they certainly know where the snags are to your left!!!

I set up a few different rigs but I decided to keep things simple. I set up;

10ft 6 Maver reacorlite with a method feeder

10ft 6 maver reactorlite with a bomb

Edge rig – Map twin core hollow green, 4×14 float 0.18 mainline 0.15 hook length.

Shallow rig – Map twin core white elastic, 0.15 manline, 0.11 hook length, 0.3 drennan dibber (x2)

*Short pole*- Map twin core white elastic, 0.15 mainline, 0.11 hook length, map 4×14 MF1

Bait for the day was simple also! I decided to use
8mm fishery pellets
6mm fishery pellets
2mm micro pellets

The All in!!

At the all in I started on the short pole, I like to start on the short pole when I can as it gives me a idea of how my match may pan out! I had just lowered my rig in with a banded pellet on, and within 3 minutes My float buried and I was quickly into a carp! Just the start I wanted! I safely landed this carp in the net pretty quickly! This gave me even more confidence as It as clear there was carp in the area as I first thought! I then lowered my rig in again! It settled before flying under again! This carp bloated off at a rate of nots, it was clearly foul hooked! It wasn’t long before it came off! Not to worry! I baited up and again shipped out lowering my rig in! Before I even got chance to lower my float in my elastic shot out to the left! After a 10 minute battle this carp broke me! I was gutted, but kept my cool as least it was clear the carp were here in numbers! I lost another 3 carp that were foul hooked, this shook my confidence abit, but I had to regroup and get back at it!

I decided to drop my method over my short line! This use to work a treat last year, however it hasn’t worked as much year! With so many fish present In front of me I thought it would work, however after 15 minutes without a bite, it was clear it wasn’t going to work! I then decided to chuck my method straight in front of me at around 25m. It was clear there was alot of carp present at the boards! There is now a gap in the boards where they have been taken out. At the boards you generally catch a smaller stamp of fish, however I would fish here should things be really hard. If I could manage against the strong wind that is! I manage to sneak a few fish from my method swim straight in front! I was feeding a line to the boards at around 17/18m with pellets that I would go on later, and a line at 14m that I would fish shallow on should the wind allow! My method line died so I decided to have a chuck on the method to the boards! I got a quick run of fish, they weren’t the usually boards fish either! They were a good stamp! The problem was getting the carp out! As soon as your tip flys round, the challenge is getting them out from the boards! I managed to get a few out, but lost a awful lot too!

I then decided to have a look to the boards, into the gap at 11m. I would of liked to fish abit further however, the wind put a stop to that. I slapped my float in a few times, before my elastic came pouring out! WHACK! Now time to hit,hold and pull like mad! I got the carp in, time for another! I managed to again get a run of fish on this line, but again getting them out was the main issue! I lost 5! Yes 5 rigs! As soon as you hook them they shot under the posts, that were still in the lake! As no one was catching and bites were coming thick and fast I stayed here getting the odd carp out from the boards! I was still feeding my method line and my shallow line, should the wind die down later in the match!

Back on the method!

I decided to change back onto the method, the wind had got up incredibly strong now so the method was my only option, I had a few chucks to the boards resulting in a few carp, however this died and I had to chuck back onto the line directly in front of me again to nick a few fish! I had kept feeding my shallow line, this was a good tactic as for the final hour I fished my method over this line! I would have fished shallow, however with the wind still being strong the method was my option! I had a late run of fish off this line, the fish seemed to be a lot bigger off this line too!

The all out!

As the all out sounded, I knew I had done well however had all the lost fish cost me? I had lost at least, at least! 12 carp! And landed 23! As the scales came round I knew I had a ton! I had two carp which by themselves would be close to 30lb! I weighed in 116lb for the win! I was over the moon with this result especially after a carp had jumped out my net which I was hoping wouldn’t cost me, and fortunately it didn’t! I really enjoyed the match apart from losing so much gear, but that’s the nature of pegs like this! On another note I didn’t know there was so many bitter people in fishing, with sly little comments from other members of the club, it got on my nerves abit but I wasn’t to bothered if I’m honest. It was a good day out, which topped off my good week of a third the day before, and also passing my driving test!

Tight lines



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