Out with a bang!

Tue 19 January 16


Well it was the last one for 2015! With horrendous weather I was debating to go at all, gusts of up to 50mph were on the cards so it was looking to be a bomb day, and hope you draw on a shed full! On arriving at woodlands I went for a walk around to see just how bad the wind was. The wind was howling viciously down the lake, safe to say I didn’t fancy drawing in that! Luckily there wasn’t too many people down to fish the match, so it was pegged that everyone was out the incredibly strong wind. At least it would be a comfortable day fishing if nothing else. The bottom bank of partidge was pegged, along with the bottom bank of curlew, and wagtail. With the wind blowing down the it the top end of the lake, the bottom end was near,y completely sheltered. Peg 17 on partidge had been framing in a few matches lately, so this is where I wanted to be. Out the wind, and on a shed full!

I was unloading my gear while the draw took place. I loaded my gear onto my barrow and went to see what was left. I stuck my hand in the bag to find one peg left, I pulled the key ring out, and to my complete shock partidge 17 was sat in my hand! My first thought was flyer! I’ve being fishing well lately winning the last match so if I’m honest, I knew I’d have a chance from here. I couldn’t get out the shop fast enough!

There was a slight ripple blowing from my peg which gradually become stronger, and stronger as you got up to the lake, as you got towards the top you would be forgiven to think you were at the North Sea! I planned to fish the pole, I’ve been catching a lot on the pole lately, and with most other anglers limited to fishing the bomb, I had it all to myself! Lovely!

I set up two rigs for the day

Map df3 4×14, float 0.13 mainline to 0.11 hook length,18 hook, white hydro
Map df3 4×12 float 0.13 to 0.11 hook length, 18 hook, white hydro

I also decided to set up a bomb, to have a chuck around my peg with either bread or a hard pellet.

I started the match on the bomb, with the hope or nicking a few early fish before I went on the pole. Unfortunately this didn’t go to plan, and it wasn’t long before anglers in the middle pegs were catching carp. Great! After a biteless 30 minutes things weren’t going to plan! I decided to have a look on the pole with a hard pellet, my float buried and I was into what I thought was a small carp. To my shock when I got It to the net, a tench of around 2lb was in the net. I went out again on the same line, and yet again another tench was In the net! That shows just how warm it has been even though it’s December!

I went back out on the same line, sprinkled some pellets in, and the float buried. It was a carp! I managed to land it, and a carp of around 5lb was sat in the net. Within the next hour or so I caught steady, before bites were starting to slow down. I decided to set up another line, exactly as I did the week before. Interestingly it didn’t work, and I struggled to get even a single bite on this line. I kept trying to make it work, however to no avail,bites just wouldn’t come! The only area in the leg I could get a bite was from the original line which was interesting.

I decided to stick to the original line till the end of the match, catching steady. Towards the last hour, I decided to move out to 16m to pick off the carp that had backed off. This worked a treat and another 4/5 carp were in the net in the last hour! I did however lose a few carp during the day, but that didn’t bother me too much as with fishing hard pellet, it’s the nature of the beast.

At the weigh in I weighed in 79lb. This was good enough for the win, with 30lb coming second on my lake. The next best weight was 50lb from wagtail, so I was very happy with the result. All in all it was a very enjoyable days fishing, in what I thought would be horrendous conditions! What a way to end 2015! I hope that it’s a sign of things to come for 2016!
Tight lines and all the best for 2016!



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