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Sun 15 November 15


Woodlands lakes Thirsk was the destination, and it was time for another open match. With the weather getting colder, and colder you needed to be in the middle of the lake ideally. But as we all know you very rarely draw where you want to be! I’ve been catching a lot of fish on the long pole lately, so this was a sure tactic for the day. At the draw Partridge skylark kestrel and curlew were the chosen lakes. At woodlands generally Partridge or skylark are the lakes to be on. They seem to be most consistent, as the rest can be a bit hit and miss. A draw in the middle of Partridge or skylark would be perfect! Unfortunately it wasn’t to be and I drew kestrel 31. I was disappointed with this draw, this peg is towards the end of the lake and generally is not the area you want to be, however I still had confidence in my long pole tactic so I was still hopeful which as I’ve learnt in fishing, is the best way to be.

Upon arriving at the peg, I was amazed at how clear the water had got so quickly. I was at this venue the week before, and the water still had come colour in it. This being said it gave me the impression I was in for a hard day ahead with very little carp feeding. I decided to set up;

Bomb rod- 10ft maver reactorlite
Long pole- 4×14 map df3 float 0.15 mainline to 0.13 hook length- Map white hollow
Edge rig- 4×14 map df3 float 0.15 to 0.13- Map white hollow

I again decided to keep the bait simple for the day using just 8mm pellets, 6mm pellets and some corn for the bomb if things were really really hard.

I started the match on the bomb, this gave me a idea of how things were going to pan out. If someone started catching on the pole then I would have a look on the pole. It also means you can have a few chucks around your leg without feeding any bait. This can be a good tactic especially if the carp are shying off from loose feed. After around 40 minutes things weren’t looking good, I’d only seen around 2 carp caught on the whole lake! (I knew it would be hard but not this hard!). It was time for a change to the long pole. I shipped out with a pellet on the band, sprinkled a few pellets in and lowered my rig down, within a minute or two my float buried, and I was quickly into a carp. I managed to land it, this gave me a huge confidence boost and I was sure of catching a few on the long pole now. I repeated the process, yet again I was in to another carp. This tactic was clearly working, and I was soon into a rhyming catching carp at 14.5m. I wasn’t “bagging” however I was catching steady. With everyone else around me struggling I decided to keep plodding away and putting carp in the net.

After around 2 hours of catching steady on the pole, the swim started to die. I made a decision to change to the bomb, in order to rest my pole line. Hopefully the fish would gain their confidence up and move back in. That’s the theory anyway! I was getting a few liners on the bomb, however annoyingly the tip just wouldn’t go round! A change back to the pole was a good move, as it appeared the carp had moved back in. I caught steady on this line till the end of the match.

At the weigh in I weighed 85lb for the lake win. Unfortunately they had caught on skylark, however I won kestrel which was all I could do. Feeding through a cad pot was defiantly best on the day, as it was fishing for a bite. If you put any volume of bait in, you didn’t get a indication at all! A very enjoyable days fishing, with me catching on the long pole again. I really do feel confident in this tactic at the moment as it seems to be working wherever I draw!

Tight Lines

Macauley Pearson


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