A change of scenery 5th of November 2015

Fri 06 November 15


I decided to have a change of venue, I went to the Thursday open held at the oaks lakes in sessay on cedar lake! I’ve decided to have a real good crack at catching these crafty f1s, generally any time I had been to the oaks before I had fished the new lakes. However I’ve decided to put a lot of time into f1 fishing which will hopefully benefit me greatly as a angler.

I drew peg 23. Not a great peg so I was told but as with all the pegs at the oaks, you have a chance from anywhere so I wasn’t too disheartened. I decided to set up a few lines, one in the deep water, a line in front of my sedges, a line to the far bank ( mud line) and a line down the edge in the little hole to my right. I decided to just fish hard pellet across. A lot of the regulars are fishing grounbait and dead maggot, however since Id only fished cedar twice this year I decided to stick to a familiar bait and not complicate things.

The office for the day

My rigs for the day were:

Deep rig 0.13 mainline to 0.11 hook length- pink Map hollow elastic Maver JH3 4×14

Across 0.13 to 0.11- pink Map hollow elastic Maver JH3 4×14
Edge 0.15 to 0.13- White Map hollow elastic Maver JH3 4×14
With my floats I favour a pencil style float when it’s cold. With a pencil style float you have less resistance for the fish on a bite, meaning you receive a more positive bite. With it being incredibly cold, this makes all the difference.

In terms of bait, I kept things incredibly simple. I used only 4mm pellets and some corn for down the edge.

I started off in front of my sedges feeding pellets, I was quickly into a few f1s but it was abit slow. I was hoping it would pick up abit later or It’d be a struggle! I kept catching a few f1s and odd carp, however I was starting to get lines bites and fish swirling. I decided to move over onto my mud line again feeding pellets. This was a good move as again I was into a steady run of f1s and again the odd carp however, again it wasn’t frantic! Bites died again so I moved slightly to the left of my peg in the same depth I had found across. This line seemed abit better as the bites came more quickly, and I was quickly putting f1s into the net! After a while his line was starting to die so yet again I moved, this time to the right of my peg in front of a trimmed back tree on the far bank! This seemed to be the best move as I was catching here quickly. The stamp of fish was also a lot bigger, the f1s were a very big stamp and I was also catching more carp over here! My weight was quickly growing. Going into the last hour the carp seemed to have moved in across, and it was soon a carp every put in! I tried down the edge towards the end but I couldn’t seem to get it going!

At the all out I weighed in 100lb for fith overall! Considering I had only fished cedar twice I thought I’d done quite well! I fished the week before and had 123lb which would have came fifth! However I went over in one of my nets and got knocked back to 113! I’m really enjoying f1 fishing at the minute. It’s quite hard to get your head around, but I feel as if Im getting abit better at it every time I go! Hopefully putting the time in will benefit me in the long run!


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