Macauley Pearson

Wed 08 April 15


I’m a 18 year old collage student from the north east of England. At collage I am currently studying A levels in; Law, Sport and English. I started fishing at the age of 10 when my brother would take me down to the local beck, and we would sit and fish for trout. This was my first experience of fishing. I was first introduced to commercials when my brother, and cousins would go to a local commercial in the hope of taming some of the resident Carp. I’d always have a few casts when they were packing up. One day I remember hooking this beautiful golden tench ,and ever since that day I was totally hooked on commercials. Over the next few years I started to go by myself, my parents use to drop me off early on a morning,then pick me up on a night when you could barely see your hand in front of your face. I soon realised how competitive I was, I wanted to be the best and this quickly lead to me bets with others anglers around the lakes. I could not face losing! I hated it!

This quickly progressed, and by the age of 16 I was a regular winner on the north east match circuit, fishing against some of the best anglers in the country. The move to open matches meant fishing was on my mind 100% of the time, if I wasn’t on the bank fishing i was at home taking up the living room, tying rigs and hook lengths. It’s safe to say my mam wasn’t impressed by the cuts of line, and shot left on the carpet afterwords. I also use to enter junior matches, In which I won every junior match I entered except one in which I finished 3rd (grrrrr). Safe to safe I didn’t hear the end of that from the local lads! I was soon entering big money qualifiers and I managed to finish 5th in the fish o mania qualifier at the oaks lakes. Looking back i see it as a missed opportunity, and I kick myself to this day! ( but you live and learn ) At the age of 17, I joined the formidable Daiwa Cleveland team. Due to this, I added team fishing to my armoury and regularly take part in team matches and big team events. Not long after turning 18, i was picked up by the “ Bag em Baits” team . A move that has benefited me greatly. It really helps having such a fantastic sponsor that you can work with. It benefits your fishing endless amounts and has truly changed my fishing!


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