Wold Farm Fisheries

Mon 26 December 16


Angler – Lee Marlow

Sponsor – Bag’em Matchbaits

Venue – Wold Farm Fisheries, Poddington, Northants

Date – 27/11/2016

Having heard so much in the past about the fishing and what great sport that can be had at Wold Farm Fishery, I just couldn’t miss the chance to book myself onto a match being run by Mark Page and having a go at catching some roach and skimmers. After a few text messages sent to various people I was booked in. The match itself was going to be silver fish only held on a lake called Oaks, after doing a bit of research I found this lake was the main lake that most people head for in the summer as its full of carp from a couple of pounds to well over double figures, I was also told the lake had a good stocking of skimmers/bream that go to 4lb, and stacks and stacks of roach from a few ounces up to an average of 8oz, and many over the pound mark plus the odd Barbel, But getting through the carp could be a problem because if the carp are shoaled up in their winter areas, then those angler that draw on these areas could be pulling their hair out..

At the draw there was a few moans and groans as the usual flyers were drawn, but this didn’t bother me at all, any peg will do me! my draw put me on peg 15 which I was told was right down the far end of the lake just out from the corner, and was a known peg to hold some Barbel, and dare I say yet another end peg draw..

The swim

After setting up my seat box and other bits of tackle I had a few moment to look around my peg to see for any obvious place to fish, I had some Lilly pads to my right about 6m away from me and a few more on my left which were out of pole range the rest of the peg looked clear. I made the decision to keep away from the Lilly pads as I just knew there would be carp somewhere waiting for a treat to nibble on. After plumbing up several areas of my peg I found the bottom to be fairly even all round with a nice depth of 5ft. and the bottom of the near shelf about 3 meters out, so my plan of attack was kept nice and simple, 13m pole line in open water and a short line bottom of the near shelf.

Rig 1 was for the long line which was made up of a 0.5g homemade diamond float on 0.13 Reflo power line with the shotting set as a double bulk, hooklength was 0.11 Reflo to size 16 F1 pellet hook. For my short line I had 2 rigs made up. Rig 1 was made up using a 4×12 Garbolino Lateral core LC No1, this float has a slim body shape and a long bristle which makes it easy for me to see any hold-ups if a fish take the bait on the drop, main line was 0.11 Reflo, shotting was a spread of #11 Stotz in the middle third of the rig with 2 #11 droppers, hooklength was 0.9 Reflo to a size 20 hook, the final rig was for fishing anywhere in the top 3 ft of water, the float was a 4×8 Mick Bassett caster special, this was fished on 0.11 Reflo straight through to a size 18 hook, shotting was a well spread shirt button of #12 Stotz. My bait for the day was a pint of red/white maggots, pint of hempseed, 3 pints of casters and some 4mm Bag’em expanders.

Lee's Bait Selection for the match

At the all in I fed a small ball of micro pellets and about 40 casters on to my long line at 13m, the line was then left for a good hour, while I tried to get some early bites from my short line. After a slow 15 minutes I had my first fish’s of the day, a small roach probably not even an ounce, the next 10 minutes gave a similar stamp of roach, so I changed to a single caster, the float hadn’t even got to full depth before the float skimmed across the water, a quick lift resulted in a bit of elastic showing, the end resulted with a lovely winters roach about 8oz, this continued for the next 20mins, and with the regular feeding of a dozen casters every couple of minutes I started to miss more and more bites which was a sure sign the fish had come off the bottom, after swapping to my shallow rig set at half depth I was straight into the roach again, the size of the fish worried me slightly as I would catch 4 or 5 small 1 to 3 oz roach then a couple of good 6 to 8 oz roach, I wasn’t sure if this was down to my feeding or the depth I was fishing.

Over the next couple of hours of changing depths and feeding patterns I just couldn’t find a way to keep the good stamp roach coming, maybe it could of been down to how cold the day was and had been leading up to the match. but I think the actual reason was how active the carp were, as I did hook and land the odd 3lb carp on the shallow caster rig, and the fact a couple of anglers had packed up near me as they hooked nothing but carp. I decided to give this line a rest and have a go on the long 13m line in the hope a few skimmers had moved in, but all I managed to hook was carp, then finally a trashed rig. So my mind was made up, to just finish the day catching what I could off the short line.

The final weigh in and catch shot

At the end of the match I thought I had about 20/25lb, which seemed good from what I could see being caught at my end of the lake, the scales man arrived to me and said “it’s been a hard day for most, apart from the angler on peg 1, he’s landed 27 carp”. Oh dear! I said, my mate was on peg 1. I finally weighed in 23lb 12oz. which was a nice days fishing in anyone’s book. This was made even better when I realized I had the top weight on the day, with 2nd being 20lb and 3rd 18lb.

Tight Lines

Lee Marlow


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