Stafford Moor September 2015

Thu 08 October 15


Name – Lee marlow
Sponser – Bag’em matchbaits UK
Venue – Stafford moor, Dolton, Devon
Date – 19th/26th September 2015

This was my 5th visit for a weeks stay at the very picturesque venue that is stafford moor fishery, and with new owners taking over the mamoth task of keeping the fishery in tip top condition and making sure the visiting anglers were on there best behavour, especially the 13 lads in my group.. :)

Jo and paul, the new owners have really made an impact on the lakes and also the scandinavian guest lodges, which have all been re-vamped and made more upto date, this great venue was even greater and I cannot wait for my next week away in july 2016.

First session

With reports of almost 7 days of constant rainfall leading up to my week away the fishing had taken a serious knock on the head, with some pegs under water, and plenty of water still going through the pipes from the fields into the lakes, this really was going to change the way the venue fished over the next week, and so it proved on my first session on saturday afternoon, after deciding to sit on peg 14 on tanners lake which is not really a noted peg but if I caught well from here then I knew I would have a good chance of catching well on the more famous pegs around the venue. Last year 2014 I had caught close to 1200lb of carp with a few 200lb weights with the best going 268lb on the sunday open match, all my fish on that week were caught using long pole shallow tactic feeding and using at that time 8mm course pellets. So to me this seemed like a good starting point, after setting up the long line shallow rig, which was made up using 6ft of .21 reflo main line, a .6 dibber float, hooklength was .19 reflo to a size 16 or 14 pr38 with a bait band on the hair, elastic was dura holla 16. Using a heavy float made the constant swinging of the rig away from the pole tip much easy and also created that extra louder plop on the water suface as the rig landed. I would normally slap the rig in a few times to make the same effect, but fishery rules state no slapping of rigs. After just sitting on my box feeding 8/10 8mm bag’em commerical carp pellets every few seconds for a few minutes before I shipped out my pole it didnt take long before I was into my first tanners carp around the 8lb mark a couple more soon followed, but this was as far as the shallow fishing went, as the next hr gave no indication at all, I was’nt going to get to down about the lack of action on the pole line, as I had plenty of time over the next few days to fiqure it out.

Rod Time

As both my pellet wagger and bomb rods were already made up I decided to give this a try for the next couple of hrs just to see what the response was…

W*aggler set up* – 12ft garbolino multi -tip pellet with the wagger section fitted, reel was a shimano exageFD (front drag) loaded up with 6lb diawa sensor. float was a 3.2g drake, for the hooklength i had various lengths from 6” to 2ft, line strengths from .17 to .21 reflo, pr38 hook in sizes from 18s to 14s all made up with bait bands

Bomb rod set up – the rod was the same as the wagger rod but with a tip carrier section and a 2oz tip section, reel was a diawa regal FS (freespool) loaded with 8lb diawa sensor. end tackle was a simple running 2/3oz lead. hooklengths were either .19 or .21 reflo. to a size 16/14 preston C1 (this is a circle shaped hook) with bait bands below.

Strarting on the bomb rod, I put a single bag’em 8mm carp pellet into the band and then casted out towards the island about 40yds out, pinging 2/3 8mm carp pellets over the top. 20mins had past and still no indications the tip didnt even move, not a good sign so I picked up the waggler rod and casted this over the top of where I had been feeding and got an instant take, next cast gave nothing, 3rd cast it was fish on again, the next 40 mins of constant casting and feeding I had put 6 carp in the net before things went quiet, so I baited up the bomb rod but this time with 2× 8mm bag’em red aggressor pellets on the band a few mins later the rod wrapped right round. over the next 30mins I had 2 more carp on the bomb using aggressor pellets, before it went quiet. Until the end of my session I kept swapping between the bomb and the waggler, catch a fish then change, catch a fish change again, I finished the session with 14 carp ranging from 5lb to 9lb.

Final Thought about the day

After sitting with a few of the lads back at one of the lodges we talked about our session and it became obvious we had all had a similar day, we all seemed to catch 1 or 2 fish before having to make changes in tactics to keep the fish coming, it felt like we were only catching fish that just passed through our pegs. we know the lakes are stuffed full with carp and silver fish but they just was’nt feeding, and we all noticed the lack of, if any liners whilst using any kind of feeder rod or pole tactics. The anglers that didnt make any changes only caught 4 or 5 fish if they were lucky.

Sunday 20th Open match

With 40 anglers booked in 2 lakes were to be used, 20 angler on tanners and 20 anglers on woodpeckers. At the draw a peg in the 30s was talked about from most of the angler at the shop with some saying anywhere with lots of room will be a good place. When I pulled out 32 woodys I was very happy indeed, as it is a higly noted peg and lots of room. The plan off attack was to set up the same rods and pole rig as the day before, and to take a very cautious approach on the amount of feed I put in.

Over the next 6hrs my day was spent swapping and changing just like the day before I had caught 16 carp most of my fish were caught on the bomb rod tight to the island using and feeding 8mm Bag’em red aggressors pellets, infact this was the only bait I could catch on after trying different colours and sizes on the day. When the scales arrived to me only 68lb was winning the lake so far, that soon changed when my total went 91lb, back at the car park I then heard I had won the lake and was 2nd overall. WOW I didnt expect to frame with 91lb, this just showed how hard the lakes were fishing.


1st – Steve Ford – Peg 35 Tanners – 162lbs 15ozs
2nd – Lee Marlow (Bag’em baits) Peg 32 Woodpecker – 91lbs 12ozs
3rd -Trevor Houghan – Peg 34 Tanners – 80lbs 7ozs
4th – Chris Cameron – Peg 20 Tanners: 76lbs 1oz

Wednesday 23rd open match

My peg on the day was 34 woodys, my 9 carp went 59lb 14oz which put me 11th overall out of the 27 anglers.


1st – Nigel Rhodes – Peg 6 Tanners – 105lbs 8ozs
2nd – Martin Heard – Peg 8 Woodpecker – 103lbs 15ozs
3rd – Bill Wallbank – Peg 35 Tanners – 96lbs 4ozs
4th – Sean Grierson – Peg 32 Woodpecker – 94lbs 13ozs

Friday 25th Residents match

15 resident anglers were booked in for this match, and at the draw my arm didnt let me down as I pulled out peg 34 on tanners a really productive area so i liked my chances of a few fish. my total of 14 carp went 80lb 11oz. which were all caught in spells on the pellet waggler using and feeding 8mm Bag’em carp pellets, I did try my left margin very late on in the match which gave me an extra fish which fell to double corn over a pot of corn. This result gave me the match win and my 2nd resident win T-shirt!


1st – Lee Marlow (Bag’em Baits) Peg 34 Tanners – 80lbs 11ozs 2nd – Trevor Tester – Peg 36 Tanners – 73lbs 11ozs
3rd – Rob Chamberlain – Peg 20 Tanners – 61lbs 12ozs
4th – Ken Coles – Peg 29 Tanners – 44lbs 4oz

Tight lines

Lee Marlow


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