Parkers Fishery

Sat 28 November 15


NAME – Lee Marlow
SPONSOR – Bag’em Matchbaits
VENUE – Parkers fishery, bulkington, warwickshire
DATE – 28/11/2015

Parkers fishery is another venue I really like to visit, especially in the summer when the pellet waggler and bomb fishing really is the only way to compete on this water, but its not just about the carp, the lake holds a massive head of silver fish mostly being roach, skimmers, crucian carp and tench, altho these fish are on the small size mostly there are plenty of them to catch all through the year. Open matches start from mid October – April, with the odd match through the summer months.


With the previous weeks weather being very cold which gave us our first proper winter frosts of the year, add the strong north-west winds you could see why the match results were very low, which is why I has hoping to draw anywhere near the 2 far end corners of the lake in the hope the carp had moved to there winter areas. At the draw I pulled out Peg 27 which was in an area I wanted to be in, plenty of open water and plenty of cover down the bank to my right. My plan of attack was to fish the pellet feeder at 25 reel turns into open water here I would be using a 70/30 mix of Bag’em micro pellet and Bag’em supreme sweet fishmeal, with a choice of hook baits, dead mag, corn or a banded pellet. For the pole I had 3 rigs set up. one for the right margin, the other 2 rigs where for fishing up and down for silvers at 10m in open water.


At the all in I cupped in 3 big balls of Sensas gros gardons Noire with a good helping of caster, this was topped up by hand with about 15 casters every 4/5mins. The first hour was spent on the pellet feeder with a single grain of corn on the hook, 15 mins had passed without any signs, a few more casts was made still without any movement on the tip, so now was the time to try the pole lines. Just before i went on the 10m line i fed half a pot of my micro and groundbait mix and corn at 13m down the right margin in the hope for a few last hour carp. My first drop in on the deck rig at 10m produced lots of liners and just a few 2-3oz roach on a single caster it was clear i had lots of fishing my peg, a change to my shallow caster rig, gave even more of a response and over the next couple hours I put a nice run of roach some of them going 8-10oz, then the bite became a little slower, I decided to rest this line for 10mins and have a quick cast on the pellet feeder, soon as the feeder hit the bottom the tip flew round and a nice 3lb F1 was in the net, the next cast produced nothing so it was back on the 10m pole line. With bites still a little slow and only just over an hour of the match to go, now would be a good time to top up the margin line and sit it out for a bonus fish or 2, in went my double corn hook bait and I didnt have to wait long for my first bite, which turned out to be a skimmer about a pound, the next drop in gave me another skimmer/bream about 3lb.


With no bonus carp coming from the margin, I did put 6 nice skimmer/bream in the net, even though I was a long way behind the anglers that had been catching carp. At the scales I put 24lb 10oz, which put me 6th overall from the 18 anglers. I ended up having a really enjoyable day with plenty of bites.


lee Marlow


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