Parkers Fishery, Bulkington, Warwickshire

Fri 24 February 17


NAME – Lee Marlow

SPONSOR – Bag’em Matchbaits

VENUE – Parkers Fishery, Bulkington, Warwickshire.

DATE – 4th February 2017

LAKE – Jacks Pool

After spending most of my match fishing over this winter at Biggin Fishery it was nice to have a change of scenery with a visit to Parkers Fishery. With so much of my time just lately being spent fishing for silver fish it would be nice to catch a few carp. After arriving at the fishery the first job to do was to get stuck into a lovely breakfast that the fishery provides and to find out how the lake has been fishing over the last week. With the information I got it seemed the sport would be patchy and hard going! with that all said! a good draw was needed to stand any chance of having a good day.

At the draw I pulled out peg 9, which to be fair was not the area I wanted to be in! as it has a slightly shallower depth to the other side of the lake! but the added bonus was I had one end of the island in front of me, which the carp do like to move around! so who know’s what will happen.

The office for the day

Tactic’s for the day was kept simple, one feeder rod and two pole rigs. My feeder rod was set up to fish an inline 24g Guru Hybrid feeder on 6lb reel line, attached to this was a 4” hook length of .19 Reflo power line tied to a size 14 QM1 using a bait spike on the hair to use either sweetcorn or discs of bread! I also had a .19 hooklength tied to a 16 B911 to use dead maggots. My pole rigs where based around fishing for silver fish one rig for skimmers/roach on the deck and a shallow roach rig, both these were fished on one line fished at 13m.

At the all in I fed my pole line at 13m with a small golf ball size of a 50/50 mix of Bag’em XPD Xpander dark and 2mm Bag’em micro pellets and about 100 casters! I then baited up my feeder rod using just 2mm micro pellets with 2 dead maggots on the hook, this was casted about 4 meters away from the island. After an hour and several casts I had my first liner which was encouraging to see that some think was in the area! but another 30mins passed and I was still yet to put anything in the net, a quick look on the pole line produced a couple of small skimmers on a single caster, so I took the chance to start feeding 15 to 20 casters with my catapult every couple of mins on this line in the hope I could line a few roach up later in the day! but it was the carp I needed to catch! as most of the anglers I could see had already netted 2 or 3 carp already. Back onto the feeder line and no sooner had I put the rod down the tip flew round! a few moments later I had my first carp of about 2lb, caught on a single grain of corn! the next cast resulted in a skimmer close to one pound. With just over half the match gone I had another look on the pole line this time using my shallow rig set to fish about half depth in 5ft, after spend the next 20mins swapping and changing depths I was still unable to make any progress! so I ditched the pole line and spent the rest of the match on the feeder rod! this time I decided to re-clip up the reel line so I was casting within a few inches off the island bank, 5 mins after casting out I was into my second carp of the day, this one was caught using just the XPD Xpander in the hybrid feeder with 3 small 6mm discs of bread. I managed to catch 4 more carp and a big roach close to a pound on the bread, but as the final whistle went! I knew I would be well short of the winners and poss not to pick up a section win.

When the scales got to me only 22lb was winning the section, unfortunately my fish only went 18lb 8oz, so I missed out on any section prizes. On reflection of my day, it was nice to catch a few carp again! just a shame I could find that one more that could of got me my section win. Making the change from using just 2mm micro pellets on the feeder line, to using just groundbait, in my opinion this got me more bites on the day. It was also a shame the silver fish didn’t feed as this would of gave me the extra weight I needed! but we cannot win them all!!!..

Tight lines

Lee Marlow


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