Parkers Fishery 3 Day Festival

Wed 17 August 16


NAME – Lee Marlow

SPONSOR – Bag’em Matchbaits

VENUE – Parkers Fishery, Bulkington, Warwickshire

DATE – 3rd, 4th, 5th August 2016, 3 day Festival

LAKE – Jacks Pool

This once a year event which is fished over 3 days, and one which I’ve managed to finish 2nd overall for the last 3 years, just missing out on the win last year on a weight count back losing out by 6oz, must try harder!! The way the event is run is as followed. With a maximum of 18 anglers split into 3 × 6 man sections, this enables a simple rotation around the lake for each day so we always fish a different area on the lake, this 6 man section is then split up into 2 × 3 man section for the actual points given out each day towards the final positions at the end of the 3 days, doing it in this format keeps everyone close so there’s never a runaway winner, a 3 point total is a must!!


With my last visit to the fishery some 6 months ago I was well out of tune with how it was fishing so I was unsure what tactic were working, a few words with some of the their lads fishing told me most methods were catching a few carp, but the silvers sport was very slow, so with this in mind I kept to a few simple rigs for the 3 days, Pellet waggler, straight lead, hybrid feeder, and a couple of pole rigs to cover the margins and open water. On the bait side of things I had plenty of corn and catmeat, 8mm and 6mm Bag’em natural carp pellets, 2mm bag’em red aggressor, several bag of Bag’em krill seeker groundbait. plus a host of different hookbaits including my favourite at the moment 6mm Ringer Band’um Wafters in pellet and orange colours.


At the draw, I ended up being the last but one to pick out my peg for the day, which ended up being Peg 27, I’ve had this peg several times in the past and caught mostly down the right margin in front of the next peg, I also had plenty of open water in front of me where a number of rod tactics can be used, this peg can be a bit hit or miss at the best of times, so I knew a lot of swapping and changing will be needed.

At the all-in I went straight out on my long line muggin’ rig as I could see a few dark shadows moving, but I kept losing sight of these fish in the patches of white water, when I did see a carp to drop my rig in front of it, it just turned away, after spending a good 30 mins chasing fish and having no takers I started to ping a few 6mm pellets on this line and also feed a few 8mm pellets further out in open water, another 30mins had passed and I was still fish less, not good!! and by the looks of it I wasn’t the only one who was struggling for bites, It was going to be a long day!! A change to the pellet waggler also gave no takers even though carp could be seen moving about, and to be honest these carp were moving a little to fast in the water for my liking to be taking any notice of any bait going in.

After spending over half the match swapping from pole to waggler and a few casts on the hybrid feeder over my waggler line I was still fish less and staring at a major blow out on the first day, but I was still confident of a few late carp from the margin, that could bail me out. In the 4th hr I managed to save the blank with 2 half desent skimmer and a couple of roach on the waggler line, by this time any signs of any carp around the lake had all disappeared, although a few carp where being caught by other anglers, no one was running away with it in my section as the anglers to my left only had 2 or 3 carp, the only person who I could see bagging was on peg 39, every time I looked over to him his pole elastic was out, thankfully he was in a different section.

Going into the last 90 mins of the match I decided to take a make or break attitude by feeding 5 big pots of my sloppy mix of Bag’em krill seaker and riddled catmeat down my right margin next to the next platform, I had a couple more casts on the feeder to let my margin settle, which gave me a couple more skimmers to add to my very small, going nowhere net of fish!!.

After baiting up my margin rig with a double helping of catmeat chunks on a size 12 hook, I lowered it in tight to the platform to my right, straight away I was getting indication on my float but these were from the small silver fish, I gave it 5 mins before feeding another 2 cup fulls of slop, then going straight back on this line with a change of bait, 2 grains of corn were lightly hooked. Within a few mins I had my first sign of a carp, a tail swirl which was about a meter away from where I had been feeding, moments later the float shot under and after a quick tussle the first carp of the day had finally been landed, another 2 cups full of bait went in and so did my double corn, there was now a few carp milling around in the area but it still took another 15mins before I hooked and landed my second carp.

As the final whistle blew, I finished the day with 2 more carp giving me 4 carp and a few bits for 25lb12oz which put me second in the section. a real get out of jail day.



Today my draw put me on peg 3 on the opposite side of the lake from yesterday, with the wind blown towards this area of the lake I was hopeful of making a better start than the day before. On the day I decided to start the match casting towards the end of the island, which was a good 60yrds away, this island also had the winning peg 39 from the day before just on the other side of the island, surely there must be carp hanging around there.

Here I would use a 36g hybrid feeder with 2mm Bag’em Red Aggressor pellets with a 6mm orange wafter on the hair-rigged hook length. After 10mins I had my first fish which turned out to be a skimmer about a pound, the same result was had on the next cast. After a few more casts I hooked into something that pulled back a bit, a welcome ghost carp about 4lb slipped in to the net. Over the next 40 mins of casting nothing else was added to my weight.

With the angler 2 pegs up on my left catching odd fish on the pellet waggler, I had to follow suit to try and keep my weight ticking over, after few casts on the waggler I found I was getting bites from the carp but not hooking them, a quick change to a smaller hook with a slightly long hair length resulted in 2 carp in 2 casts.

This line soon faded as it was clear to see the carp backing further and further away from me, so another quick change this time the float was changed from my 3.2g drake waggler, to a 8g Preston Dura Waggler. first cast on this got an immediate take, only for me to lose the battle after 15mins, I can only assume it was foul hooked as I never got any control over the fish, plus my hook was slightly bent out of shape. Over the course of the match, time was spent swapping and changing pellet waggler sizes, just so I could have 2 lines of attack on the waggler, all in a bid to keep the odd carp coming but I felt I wasn’t gaining anything on the anglers in my section. The final hr was spent fishing the margin to my right under the overhanging tree in the hope of some much better fish, the same feed and hookbaits from the day before where put in to action, and the only 2 bites I had from the margin were from 2 carp not much bigger than the ones I had already caught, but at least I had something extra from that hr.

Come the weigh-in, I put 51lb 06oz on the scales, the angler who I feared had beat me certainly had more carp than I had, but of a much smaller size, so I happy to take the section win as he only weighed 48lb.



The final day was here, and the only way I could possibly win the festival was if other anglers results went my way and catch a BIG weight. Unfortunately neither of these happened for me, as day 3 was a carbon copy of the 2nd day.

Catch a few on the waggler, a few on the feeder, plus 3 carp from the margin. To my surprise I did manage to win my section with 52lb, putting me on a 4 point total over the 3 days. This put me joint 2nd overall but after weight count back my final place was 5th, just out the final payout.

Final Thoughts

I don’t really think there was much I would of done different if I could fish the 3 days again, the fishing was hard for most of the anglers, and we cannot force fish to feed. I did have thoughts after the first day to include a silver fish line approach in my last 2 days, just for a few extra fish, but after talking with a couple of anglers after the first day, they said the silver fish just wasn’t in a feeding mood as they had tried on the day and in the practice match a few days before the festival….. I’ll be back next year!!!

Tight Lines

Lee Marlow


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