Match Blog 19th of April 2015


Venue/date – Decoy lakes, 18th april 2015

Lake/Peg – Beastie, peg 22

Pole set up

Pole used – maver elite carp
Elastics – Preston slip #8 and dura holla #12 (all top kits have side pulla’s fitted)
Rigs – my shallow rig used a 0.2g garbolino DC21 float, reflo .13 main line to a reflo .11 hooklengh, hook used was a guru LWG eyed 20 with a bait band. i also had another shallow rig set up the same apart from the hooklength which was a .13 reflo with a size 18 LWG. For the margin rig i had a 0.3g homemade float on .17 reflo straight thro to a size 16 guru eyed MWG.

Rod set up

10ft maver reactorlite feeder rod with 6lb guru drag line loaded onto a shimano FD exage reel. attached to this was a preston 20g pellet feeder, using a size 16 QM1 with bait band to 4“of .19 reflo line.
Bag’em 2mm soaked micro pellets, bag’em 4mm and 6mm hard pellets, corn.

The match

As this was my first visit back to decoy since November last year and the weather had warmed up a bit in recent weeks. I decided my main line for the day was to fish shallow at 13m feeding 4mm pellets and then working between 4mm or a 6mm on the band. At the all in I decided to pot in a mixture of 4 and 6mm pellets with a bit of corn down my right hand margin where I had a nice depth of 2ft tight to the bank at 4m, reason for feeding here so early and with so much bait was because the wind was blowing straight into my bank and the lake had been fishing very well for the last 2 weeks and most reports were other anglers catching short, so I thought there would be plenty of mouths to feed. I would also keep a trickle of pellet and corn going in by hand throughout the match with the hope of going down the edge if the shallow line didn’t work. next was to fill up my pellet feeder with soft micros and a 6mm pellet on the band and cast out about 25m out into open water, after 4 cast I had my first wrap round which put a mirror carp about 4lb in my net, the next 40 minutes I only managed 3 small F1s and a tench. that tench gave me the signal to make a change to my shallow line which I had been feeding with around a dozen 4mm pellets constantly from the start. with a 4mm pellet on the band, I shipped out to 13m dropped the rig in and within seconds it was fish on…the next put-in sees me wait a good 10 minutes before my next fish, after that short wait, it switched on, and it was a fish a chuck for the next 2 hours.

Turn for the worst!

UK weather…..yep that’s who I’m blaming….the wind had suddenly gone from a comfortable breeze to a gusting wind that made holding the pole even at 11m a bit difficult, and as a result I started to foul hook and lose more fish than I would of liked. So I had a quick cast with my feeder rod over my pole line which gave me a short burst of fish before having a quick look down the margin where I hooked 6 fish lost 3 and the other 3 I got were all foul hooked. So with 20 minutes left of the match I went back on the pole shallow which only gave me another 4 F1s.


when the scales arrived I put 128lb on the board to record 4th overall and a section win..those lost fish cost me a good frame place. plenty more days to come to make up for it..


1st – Ben Townsend (Decoy) – 170lb 4oz peg 24
2nd – Tom Edwards (Sensas A4) 140lb 8oz peg 15
3rd – Danny Calton (Decoy) 134lb peg 28
4th – Lee Marlow (Bag’em) 128lb 8oz peg 22

Tight Lines   lee Marlow.


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