Decoy Lakes 2nd of April 2016

Sat 02 April 16


Name – Lee Marlow
Sponsor – Bag’em Matchbaits
Venue/date – Decoy Lakes, 2nd april 2016
Lake/Peg – Yew lake peg 16

Pole Rigs/Rod set-up

Rod set featured my trusted 10ft maver Reactorlite feeder rod with 6lb guru drag line loaded onto a shimano FD exage reel, this was finished up with a 24g hybrid feeder with a simple hooklength of .17 reflo and size 16 QM1 hook.

The pole set up was just 2 rigs, one set for the bottom of the self along my left margin, and the other rig was for fishing 13m out along the reed bank to my right, both rigs were made up using .15 reflo main line to a .13 reflo hooklength, size 16 LWG.


2 tins of sweetcorn, 1 bag of Bag’em Supreme Red Aggressor ground bait, 2mm and 4mm Bag’em carp pellets, and a few 4mm and 6mm Bag’em expander pellets..Simple!!

The Match

At the all’in I decided to start on the feeder before feeding any other areas of my peg, the feeder was loaded with red aggressor and a grain of corn on the hook, this was casted half way up the reed bank to my left, I instantly could tell there was plenty of fish in the area as I had liners before the feeder had time to settle to the bottom, but it still took me several casts before I hooked my first fish of the day.

After the first hr I had 6 F1s, and one lost feeder in the reed bank as the wind had picked up a little since the start, I could also see I was falling behind the angler sitting opposite on peg 15, who was catching steady on the pole fishing tight into the corner, so a change was in order. After feeding my left margin with 4mm pellets and corn, I went onto my 13m line along the reed bank, feeding a pinch of 4mm pellets and a couple grains of corn via my toss pot,

I lower my rig in carefully so I didnt get caught up in the reeds, it was a matter of seconds before I had my first bite on this new line, over the course of the rest of the match I kept swaping from my 13m line and my left margin line just to keep a slow but steady run of F1s and carp coming to the net, with some of my better carp to 8lb coming from my left margin, even though I had to wait a little longer for the bites from the margin the size of the fish did’nt put me off waiting those few minutes more.


At the end of the match I had estimated I had a mid 90lb which I knew wouldnt be any good on the day to frame, as several other anglers around the lake had been for a 3rd or even a 4th net, when the scales men arrived I put a total weight of 96lb on th board, for nowhere on the day.

After fishing most of the winter for silver fish it was good to back onto the carp side of things, I was a little unprepared, but enjoyed every minute of it, and will be looking forward to next weekend.

1st -Simon Godfrey – 171lb
2nd – Steve Pell – 167lb
joint 3rd – Rob Chamberlain, Simon Dow – 150lb
4th – Tony Evans – 135lb

Tight Lines



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