Decoy Lakes 22nd of May Beastie Open

Sun 22 May 16


Name – Lee Marlow
Sponsor – Bag’em Matchbaits
Venue/date – Decoy Lakes, 22nd May 2016
Lake/Peg – Beastie Lake Peg 4

The Draw

With a sold out match today there were plenty of worried faces as there would be pegs in the bag that dont normally get used and pegs that nobody really wanted to draw on. I waited almost until the very end to draw my peg for the day, there was only 3 pegs left, pegs 7, 30 and 4, the only one I didn’t fancy was peg 7 as your very limited to what kind of tactics you can do, and with all the pegs on the spit in it made the peg look even smaller. Don’t get me wrong, there is always plenty of fish to be caught from this peg, lucky for me I avoided this and pulled out peg 4 a nice open water peg with a easy cast to the island and also plenty of room down each margin bank. When I arrived to my peg it was clear to see there was lots of carp in the area, as dark shadows were moving around, but with so many fish in this famous lake it was probably a common sight on most pegs around the lake today.


4mm, 6mm and 8mm Bag’em Natural Carp pellets ( half a bag of the 4mm carp pellets where soaked in water so I could use them in the pellet feeder) and a hand full of Bag’em 6mm Red Aggressor pellets, and plenty of tins of sweetcorn and catmeat.


The usual and most popular tactics for the warmer months were again put into action. Pole shallow, where I would be feeding 4mm pellets and using either a 4mm or a 6mm pellet in a band, I had also set up a 2nd shallow rig on a long line to try and mug any passing carp throughout the day. The margin rig, this would be fed by big potting corn and catmeat, using 1 or 2 lumps of catmeat on the hook. I also had two rods already made up, a pellet wagger rod and a feeder rod to fish the pellet feeder using soaked 4mm pellets in the feeder and a 6mm Red Agressor in a band.

My plan for the day was to fish the pellet feeder at the start of the match while I fed my shallow pole line at 13m, then spend most of the day on this until the last 90mins of the match where I would attack the margin, if I was catching really well on the pole shallow then I may not even try the margin, as the saying goes “never leave feeding fish”…

The Match

With so many fish on the surface in front of me it would of been stupid of me to ignore them and have a chance of a few early fish in my net, a quick go on my mugging rig with an 8mm pellet on the pole produced a bite within seconds and good sized carp was on, and soon in the net, another 2 carp quickly followed to give me an easy 20lb in the net in the first 15mins, after spending another 15mins on this line with no more takers I could not waste anymore time on this even with fish still milling about, I had a feeling that most of these fish were think of other things than to feed, a change to the pellet feeder casting only half way to the island as the wind picked up just a little which I felt would make accurate casting to the island a bit difficult and result in less bites. this change gave me a nice run of carp upto 6lb with the odd F1 carp mixed in.

Into the 3rd hr I had about 60lb in my nets, by now the feeder line started to take longer for a bites to appear so I decided to try my shallow line on the pole which I had been feeding with 4mm pellet in between the hetic time on the feeder. Using a 4mm pellet on the band was slow going on the pole, but I could see the fish were there from the swirles, a change to a 6mm pellet on the band, was a good change as I started to put a few big F1s upto 3lb in the net plus the odd carp. Soon a build up of fluff started to appeared on the water I assume it was from the willow trees from around the lake the, as a result me and the anglers either side of me suffered as we seemed to spend more time trying to pick the fluff off our rigs and rod rings. I persevered with trying to catch fish on the pole shallow but this line started to frustrate me due to the fluff, buy this time I had about 120lb, but as some anglers around the lake seem to be catching well but I needed to boost my weight up with bigger fish, and that could only come from the margin.

With just under 2 hours left of the match it was time to start feeding the margin to my right with corn and catmeat and plenty of it, a couple of cast on the feeder while my margin line settled after feeding, produced nothing but clogged up rod rings from the fluff. so I soon gave up on that and threw the rod up the bank. Picking up my margin rig up I baited up with 2 lumps of coshida catmeat on to my favourite margin hook for big fish the kamazan animal in a size 12.

It wasnt long before my number 16 Preston Dura Holla elastic was streched to its full, I’m not sure my bait had even got to the bottom, might be a foul hooker, but no the culprit was a perfect looking 4lb barbel. Next drop-in resulted in another instance take this time from a carp knocking close to 10lb. When the final whistle went to end the match I estimated I had caught around 50/60lb from the margin, so I knew I wouldn’t be far of the the other anglers. A quick lift of my nets gave me concern I may have gone over the net limit, I had nothing to fear as my 4 nets went 50lb, 48lb 41lb 40lb and a few ounces to give me a total of 182lb. Talk from the other anglers said that would be hard to beat and so it proved, giving me the match win :)

1 – Lee Marlow (Bag’em Matchbaits) Peg 4 – 182lbs 11oz
2 – Wayne Shephard (Ringers) Peg 3 – 174lbs 2oz
3 – Steve Clark (Maver) Peg 26 – 155lbs 3oz
4 – Jammie Thompson (Decoy) Peg 5 – 151lbs 6oz

Tight lines

Lee Marlow.


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