Team UKMA Profile Lee Marlow

Fri 26 September 14


Lee Marlow

I’ve been interested and dabbled in all forms off fishing from a very young age, but my main passion is for the coarse fishing side of angling. From my teen years I would try to fishing every weekend, and when ever school holidays would allow, only problem was getting a lift there and back…………DAD take me fishing!!!!!.. Most of my time was spent on a couple of really close lakes, one was mostly all carp the other had quality crucian carp and tench (and lots of them, even if they were tricky to catch)

Years later I found myself joining a local club which was my first taste of match fishing, I learnt a lot from the other members and won countless matches and leagues both in summer and winter. After about 12yrs, and being with several clubs along the way, I thought I was time to move up a level and enter some open matches and like most people will know from there first things never go to plan, but that failure only made me try harder.

To this day I have learnt a lot from the different people I have fished with during these open matches which has helped me gain numerous open match wins, with weights to 333lb, several small event festivals and league frame places…I don’t consider myself to be the next big name (far from it) I just enjoy the competition with other anglers that also love there sport and try to help out other anglers as much as I can..

Tight lines and see on the bank sometime..

Lee Marlow