Team UKMA Profile Jason Rider

Sun 24 August 14



Jason Rider


I have been fishing now since I was about the size of a gudgeon and 25 years in total. None of my family were fishermen and it probably only came about because I had a fishing lake close to my house where the school bullies would give the nerds a soaking. I remember that when I started I was particularly cack handed and had very little clue what to do with my very poor collection of tackle and I had nobody to show me what to do. There was no internet then and Angling Times was the only source of inspiration. I did not feel the need to pester other people for advice as I was having fun and felt to pressure to catch anything. After a while I did start to improve and it helped enormously when I managed to get some better tackle. I enjoyed catching all species and had no particular interest in carp but I would always laugh at the carp boys fishing there hard potato baits, even then I could see that it was wrong.

It was the bait that really got me into carp fishing in a big way. I just loved all the ingredients and combinations that you could have and by the time I was 18 I was out fishing everybody on every lake I fished. Fishing lakes like Waveney Valley, Clare Park and St. Ives before St. Ives was even known about, I soon started to get orders for my bait from friends and other anglers on the ponds. During the early 90’s I drifted away from the fishing a bit and got involved in the House music scene and dj’ing.

Out of the blue I decided to book a trip to France and boy did this make an impact on me! It was a stinking hot week and the fish I saw sunbathing under the trees, blew me away completely, I blanked but just knew I had to get back for more. These days I only get to fish about 4 weeks a year and my trips tend to be overseas. My favourite venues are well of the beaten track and can be wild places where you will not see another angler or lakes where I can get exclusive use for a great social with my angling chums. I have fished in Canada, America, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Spain and a whole host of other European countries.

I would fish a lot more if I could but despite having a full time job, I also run the A Bait and have written 3 angling books. The A Bait is not your run of the mill bait company as the focus is not on profit. I make the sort of baits that I want to use and explore every single additive I can find and most of the money I do make gets put back into research. I do over a 1,000kg of bait most months from my poor garage and at most times I can hardly find my fishing gear! I love talking about fishing and love hearing about the fish my customers catch almost as much as my own, almost!