Team UKMA Profile Duncan Arrandale

Sat 05 July 14



Duncan Arrandale


I started fishing at the age of 6 when my father took me out to the local canals and rivers around Worcestershire. My interests progressed from to catch as many fish in a day as I could to wanting to catch bigger fish.

My first carp came from my local canal on floating crust over 20 years ago and weighed in at 2lb. The fight was like nothing else I had ever experienced and the spell was cast – my passion for carp had begun. The following year I set out to pursue carp on a local 20 acre gravel pit, where I caught many doubles and the largest fish in the lake graced my net twice in my second year.

I have now been angling for carp for 25 years cutting my teeth on ‘doubles waters’ in the Worcestershire area where I caught my first 20, moving on to the Guy Lakes Syndicate in Oxford, the Great Linford Lakes Complex where I caught my first 30, and to Farriers Lake where I caught my first 40. In 2011 I was awarded the Anglers Mail Carp Cup for a seasons captures topped by a personal best fish of 46lb.

Last season was mainly spent fishing Christchurch Lake on the Linch Hill Complex where I caught fish to 36lb plus, mainly from right in the edge making the captures even more special for me. I have fished in France on several occasions and recorded a memorable trip last year where I was fortunate to catch a personal best fish of 63lb 2oz, on my first trip overseas for 11 years.

2013 has seen me splitting my angling time between Stoneacres Lake and Farriers Lake, doing single work nights on Farriers and weekend/ two night trips on Stoneaces. I have a young family and a full time job so like many of you, I have limited angling time. For the last 9 years the majority of my angling has been on mid week work nights, where dedication to the cause has earned me a good number of fish that I otherwise would not have caught.

I have been fortunate enough to have been backed by Richworth Baits for the last 6 years and have written various articles for Crafty Carper Magazine as well as pieces for Mistral Baits’ website. I also have a sponsorship from Wychwood Tackle.

I look forward to providing advice, reviews and updates regarding my own fishing for the UK Carp Angler website.