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Wed 21 September 16


Ben Townsend

I started fishing at the age of 7, spending all my spare time around my local village pond. I Fished my first match at around 10 and from there on I was hooked on the competition side of things.

Things progressed quite quickly and I soon made a name for myself on my local rivers and drains, and by the age of 14 I was winning plenty of money in the local opens.
Around this time I also started to learn about the new breed of commercial Fishery’s.

At the age of 17 I was named in the England youth setup, and fishing on the river Arno in Italy, winning a team silver and finishing individual 5th with 4 points over the 2 days.
After this fishing did begin to be put to the side a little, as with lots of lads my age there were lots of distractions, and I ended up stopping fishing completely.

Fast forward 10 years and i was ready to go again!
Since I started back 3 years ago I’ve focused on the commercial side of things, been a very steep learning curve as fishing has changed a lot.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been consistently winning at local venues such as decoy lakes, rookery waters and several other local venues, as well as venues further afield such as tunnel barn and colemans cottage. This hasn’t gone unnoticed and I’ve recently been sponsored by matrix.

I rate my favourite methods as caster shallow, meat fishing and edge work, but I’m more than happy with any method as long as I’m by the waters.


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