Winter League Round two

Sun 16 November 14


Guru – Bag’em Winter League Round Two

Venue – Decoy Lakes
Peg – 9 Beastie


Pole – Daiwa Airity
Elastics – White & Blue Daiwa Hydrolastic

Pole Terminal Tackle

Floats – Hillbilly HB Blimps 4 × 12
Rig Line – Guru N-Gauge 0.15
Hooklength – Guru N-Gauge 0.11

Feeder Rod Reel

Rod – Daiwa Tournament Pro 10-11ft Feeder
Reel – Daiwa Ballistic EX4000H

Terminal Tackle

Reel Line – Guru Drag Line 6lbs BS
Feeder – Guru X-Safe pellet Feeder
Hooklength – Guru Method Hair Rig 0.17 N-Gauge to size 16 MWG hook

The Session

After drawing peg 9, I knew I had my work cut out for me based on the form of the peg over the previous four weeks leading up to the match and the scaling down of my rigs reflected this. I started off with red maggot hook baits as I knew that every single bit was going to be critical in the harsh winter conditions. I started off by feeding four pole lines to try and pick off the odd fish without killing the swim off rotating from swim to swim without putting too much pressure on any given line. this plan can in many situations produce a reasonable weight, even from the hardest of pegs.

Minimal feed on each line

After 20 minutes without a single bite from my pole lines. I spotted that the anglers around me were picking up the odd fish on running line tactics. So I instantly went out on the feeder to the far bank, to see if I could get a few fish on this line. Whilst waiting for an indication on the tip. I fed three of my pole lines with around twenty micro pellets and a couple of grains of corn, hoping that later in the match, I would pick up a few fish (miracles do sometimes happen).

After a few minutes, my tip curved round and after a short tussle a good stamp F1 slid into the landing net. Although I was aware that I was falling behind in my section, I continued to carry on with the feeder, to allow my pole line enough time to settle and hopefully develop. With good fish now coming to most in my section on running line, I knew I would need a miracle to win my section. After taking 20lbs in the first 3 hours of the match on the feeder, I know felt confident enough to have a look over my pole lines.

I fished either double red maggot or 4mm expander pellet on the hook, which produced a few small F1’s, so I decided to stick with these lines for the last 2 hours of the match.

Session review. At the weigh in, I recorded 37lbs 8ozs for a hard earned 3rd in section. Not the best result but from an off form swim, I’m happy with that as 3rd in my section is far better than last!

Tight Lines

Barry Mason


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