Winter League Round Three

Fri 19 December 14


Guru – Bag’em Winter League Round Three

Venue – Decoy Lakes
Peg – 23 Beastie


Pole – Daiwa Airity
Elastics – White & Blue Daiwa Hydrolastic

Pole Terminal Tackle

Floats – Hillbilly HB Blimps 4 × 14
Rig Line – Guru N-Gauge 0.15
Hooklength – Guru N-Gauge 0.11

Feeder Rod Reel

Rod – Daiwa Tournament Pro 10-11ft Feeder
Reel – Daiwa Ballistic EX4000H

Terminal Tackle

Reel Line – Guru Drag Line 6lbs BS
Feeder – Guru X-Safe pellet Feeder
Hooklength – Guru Method Hair Rig 0.17 N-Gauge to size 16 MWG hook

The Session

My plan of attack today was to fish the bomb rod clipped up tight to the island. I would later in the match use the same rod for my open water bomb attack. To back this up I planned on having three pole lines, one at 14.5m, the second at 8m and the third down the edge at 4m but even the best plans can all go totally wrong even before the all in, let me explain!

Just before the all in, my bag containing my wallet, phone, keys etc tumbled into the lake. So I instantly tried to retrieve it, which I did but nothing in life is that simple. Whilst diving for the bag, I hit my side tray with my legs, launching 50% off my bait into the margins. This left me with a jumbled up pile of pellets, corn, maggots etc on my side tray, with my baiting tools, rigs and pre, prepared PVA bags and other accessories looked like a scene from the Apocalypse!

Then things went from bad to worse! As the match organiser, it was my job to call the all in, and with carnage beside me on the side tray, the alarm on my watch indicated the all in, not exactly the best way to start a match but I called the all in, feeling what can only be described as shell shocked! So I with all my bait mixed together and with my margin swim holding enough free bait to spook a hungry hippo, I grabbed a method feeder from my carry-all and loaded it with what can only be described as “Side Tray Road Kill” , just to get a bait in the water.

Everything back in order after a disastrous start!

With a loaded method feeder tight to the island, I set about sorting out the carnage on my side tray. So I pulled myself together, regaining my composure, I set about putting my original plan of attack back into action. After losing nearly 8 pints of bait in the margins, I knew the 4m line was a total no go! So with my feeder still out I plumbed up two 16m lines, one at 10 O-clock and the other at 2 O-clock, to stay as far away as possible from the incredibly over-fed margin area.

Minimal feed was the order of the day on the straight lead

Once I was back in control of my numerous disasters, I spent the majority of the match fishing the straight lead to the island, using either corn or pellet on the hair, alternating between tiny PVA bags of pellet or the pellet cone to keep the bites coming. then when this line slowed down, I then fished my two 16m lines, feeding micro pellets, with either corn or 4mm expander pellets on the hook. These tactics produced a steady run of carp up to 6lbs and F1’s up to 2lbs.

At the weigh in, I finished up with 55lbs 13ozs for second in my section and 3rd overall. Taking into consideration my disastrous start to the match, I was more than pleased with my final result. After three matches in the series I was in joint 4th place, with my total weight tally from the three matches being over 200lbs, and with three matches to go, I was still well in with a chance. Let’s see what the next match has to offer, hopefully no more disasters!

Tight Lines

Barry Mason


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