Winter League Round Four

Sun 21 December 14


Guru – Bag’em Winter League Round Four

Venue – Decoy Lakes
Peg – 15 Beastie

Pole – Daiwa Airity
Elastics – White & Blue Daiwa Hydrolastic

Pole Terminal Tackle
Floats – Hillbilly HB Blimps 4 × 14
Rig Line – Guru N-Gauge 0.15
Hooklength – Guru N-Gauge 0.11
Hooks – Guru LWG size 18 & 20

Feeder Rod & Reel
Rod – Daiwa Tournament Pro 10-11ft Feeder
Reel – Daiwa Ballistic EX4000H

Terminal Tackle
Reel Line – Guru Drag Line 6lbs BS
Lead – Guru X-Safe 1.5oz
Hooklength – Guru Method Hair Rig 0.17 N-Gauge to size 16 MWG hook

The Session

My straight lead rig baited up

My office for the day peg 15 is one of the few pegs on the spit section that faces the main lake, directly opposite the tip of the Island. After taking into consideration the recent form of the spit section, yet again I was up against it, with the narrow section of the spit regularly producing good weights of small F1’s. My best option would be to target the bigger fish and sit and weight for the bites, as I was 100% sure that targeting F1’s would not be the way forward from this particular swim. So at the all in, I cast out a Guru 1.5ozs X-Safe lead, with a PVA bag the size of a 20p full of micro pellets. With a Bag’em Hi-Viz 6mm pellet on the hair, and waited! Whilst still waiting for an indication, I fed two of my pole lines with a very small quantity of micro pellets and corn, one line out in open water at 14.5m and the second line was to my right at 4m in 3.5 feet of water.

After 30 minutes, without as much as a line bite to show for my patients, i notice other anglers close by were taking F1’s, particularly in my section. So I made the decision to re-cast my bomb rig back out to the island and push my luck for a big lump> after another 30 minutes and no bite, I had no alternative but to try my pole lines. to make things really interesting, the head, swirling wind had no picked up , meaning a good presentation on the pole at range would be a very difficult task. So I opted to fish my short line to my right at 4m in 3.5 feet of water.

4mm expander on the hook

I fished 4mm expander pellets on the hook and lowered my rig precisely onto my baited spot, and instantly, the float buried and produced my first F1 of the match. Even though I’d caught instantly from this margin swim, I also fully aware that if I targeted this spot for too long, it would switch off, resulting in a dead pole line. So I fed a second margin swim to my left, allowing me to alternate between these two lines, only feeding a line if I had taken a fish. then changing to the other side to reduce pressure and hopefully to keep the fish coming.

Always pay attention to what's happening around you

This tactic resulted in me taking a steady run of fish for the next hour but eventually things started to slow down, another change was needed. So I re-cast my straight lead rig back out to the island. After just 5 minutes, my tip registered a very positive liner, closely followed by a full wrap round. I landed a very good sized F1 and re-cast again. What a transformation, A steady run of F1’s barbel and skimmers to 3lbs slid into the landing net.

another fish slides into the landing net

Not to kill off the straight lead line, i proceeded to alternate between my two margin pole lines and my straight lead swim against the island, which turned out to be the way forward on this demanding swim. At the weigh in I registered 43lbs 2ozs of F!‘s, barbel and skimmers to 3lbs for my efforts. This put me 4th over all on the day and a pleasing second n my section from a peg that I didn’t fancy at all. With two rounds to go I was now in 3rd place, with a total weight 245lbs 1oz, and with only 3 points separating the top three, the results from the last two rounds would be critical, I’ll be back very soon to let you know how I’ve got on!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year

Barry Mason



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