Winter League Round Five

Tue 10 February 15


Guru – Bag’em Winter League Round Five

Venue – Decoy Lakes
Peg – 15 Beastie

Pole – Daiwa Airity
Elastics – White & Blue Daiwa Hydrolastic

Pole Terminal Tackle
Floats – Hillbilly HB Blimps 4 × 14
Rig Line – Guru N-Gauge 0.15
Hooklength – Guru N-Gauge 0.11
Hooks – Guru LWG size 18 & 20

Feeder Rod & Reel
Rod – Daiwa Tournament Pro 10-11ft Feeder
Reel – Daiwa Ballistic EX4000H

Terminal Tackle
Reel Line – Guru Drag Line 6lbs BS
Lead – Guru X-Safe 1.5oz
Hooklength – Guru Method Hair Rig 0.17 N-Gauge to size 16 MWG hook

Plan of attack

My office for the day was peg 5, which i was quite happy with as I had an aerator and the corner of the island to chuck to. With this in mind, the first thing out of my rod bag was my trusted 10ft feeder rod, loaded with a Guru 1.5oz X-safe lead, with Guru Extra Strong 15’‘ pre-tied hooklength, with size 16 MWG hook on 0.17 N-Gauge hooklength material, with a had a quick stop mounted on the hair. I also set up a short pole line at 6m and a margin line at 4m, simply because the gusting strong wind, heavy freezing fog and poor light made visibility on the long pole line a luxury for most during the match.

As the all in was blown and I cast a single grain of corn tight to the corner of the island. I chose to fish highly visible single baits with no feed simply because the conditions were so poor, I had to feel my way into the session and not make any unnecessary early mistakes. With the rod on the rest, I then fed both of my pole lines with a very small amount of micro pellets and maggots After a short wait, my tip wrapped round and after a short battle, a 4lbs carp slipped into my landing net. Not a bad start as the anglers I could see around me, who were fishing for silvers and F1’s had not caught yet.

First Fish of the match

I then recast my straight lead and single hookbait back out to the island but after no indications after 40 minutes, I decided to re-cast but intruding a small amount of micro pellet via a pellet cone with a bright red 6mm pellet on the hair. This introduction of micro pellets was to try and attract fish to my area close to the island without over feeding. After a short wait, I recast again and sat on my hands, come on you lumps!

Pellet Cone

With the anglers around me still struggling for bites, I opted to stick it out on the tip as my lone 4lbs carp was still good for my section, from what I could see in the horrendous freezing fog that covered the lake. I did have a look over both pole lines, looking for an instant reaction but nothing was happening happened. So I waited patiently for my tip to go round as I knew one big lump would totally transform my session.

I sat it out on the tip for the remainder of the match, catching a few more smaller fish but none of the big lumps that I’d been waiting patiently for. I ended the match with a very hard earned 22lbs 9ozs, which comfortably beat the anglers either side of me but the two anglers who were hidden by the fog in my section, both weighed in over 30lbs. I finished third in my section on the day and with a round to go I was now in 5th place in the league. With just one match to go and a match to drop, it was all to play for in the final round.

Tight Lines

Barry Mason