In Session May the 7th 2015

Thu 07 May 15


Anglers name Dale Calvert

Sponsors Middy & Bag ‘em Matchbaits

Venue Peg 14 the Meadow Pool, Heronbrook Fisheries

Middy XZ65 fished at 14.5 with a 4×10 Middy Carp Grey Series 3 to sizes 16 and 18 63-13 on 0.14 mainline and 0.12 hooklength

All Bag ‘em Matchbaits 4mm 6mm expanders feeding 2mm micros

Picked up Peter at 6.45 to head down the M6. Not normally more than an hours drive to Heronbrook but we left just a little too late to hit tons of traffic jams one after another. Eventually arriving around 9 o’clock to be kindly directed by Neil to fish on Meadow. Practising for a magazine feature I was going in a little blind never having fished Meadow Pool

Wind was horrendously strong, coming in from everywhere giving us nowhere to hide. My intended peg was unfishable long. The point of the visit was to practice fishing pellet tight across. A walk around showed pegs 14 and 15 to be somewhat less windy so we opted to plonk our gear here

Having already dyed some micros and pumped some 4 and 6mm expanders my task was to set up 4 rigs. 2 identical for tight across and 2 fishing down the track if the wind poses a problem which by the state of the weather this was obviously on the cards. Plumbing up across I have found two swims at the same depth, around 2 feet and also two down the middle. Cupping in some micros and corn on only one of each gives me options to fish the other very negatively and feeling my way in hoping to improve it at the sessions progresses.

Half an hour tight across and not even a liner. The wind is increasing and presentation is super difficult but I struggle on across all the same. Looking at it across it seems perfect apart from the wind so why is nothing happening. Lifting and dropping is tricky with the wind and as enticing as it looks across its impossible to keep the bait still so time to go down the middle. Fishing this line over depth I have some No11’s 3 inch from the hook. This is to nail the bait to the deck due to the tow. A 6mm expander stable on the bottom surrounded by some offerings dropped in earlier should be produce. 15 minutes staring at the float and it slides away slowly. I lift into this and my Middy 6-10 hollow is doing its job. Cushioning the fight as this fish tries to flee I add a little side strain and pull back some excess elastic. The F1 comes to the net and I get Peter to take a photo of this. It’s nearing 4lbs I’d say and being fish less for sometime I’m well happy with it. Back on the middle swim and another falls to a 6mm expander. Not as big as the first but a fish all the same. A few more follow and it’s clear fishing is line was the better option. The wind is stronger than ever and even at 7 sections I have to bury the pole tip in the water to help stop the pole bouncing around. I ship back in, pot in some more bait and try corn on the hook. Heavier than pellet, I aim to keep the bait as still as I can present it. This way it will hopefully look more appetising and be grabbed by a hungry carp. And soon enough a typical corn bite appears. As I’m playing this fish it feels much bigger than the chunky F1. Pity I wasn’t fishing my 12-16 hollow as this softer elastic is stretching for miles, nearly into the next peg. A lengthy battle and I manage to land this lovely looking common. Got to be nearly double figures, is one puts a big smile on my face

Over the next couple of hours the wind gets much stronger and even fishing 7 sections is very difficult. Several more carp are caught around 4 to 6lbs but the session has become unenjoyable in this wind. A quick nod to Peter and we decide to call it a day and face the traffic home. I do feel the far bank swims would have done ok if I could have fished them but it just wasn’t possible today

Roll on the 18th May. Hopefully with next weeks weather forecast Meadow Pool will fish well for my magazine feature

My tip today. Fishing down the track over depth and offering a heavier bait like corn produced better than pellet

Tight Lines

Dale Calvert


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