In Session 1st of May 2015

Fri 01 May 15


Anglers name
Dale Calvert

Middy & Bag ‘em Matchbaits

Peg 27 Rivington View, Wrightington Fisheries, Lancs

Middy XZ65 fished at 14.5 and 16, 4×10 modded Middy Carp Grey Series 3 to a Band ‘em size 18 on 0.18 hooklength later switching to a size 14. A 4×16 Carp Grey for on the deck

All Bag ‘em Matchbaits 6mm High Oil hard pellets banded and Spicy Curry punched meat


On a series of outings on my favourite venue I arrive to find to a full car park. The nice weather this week has brought out a lot of anglers here today. I had originally wanted to go on either pegs 21 up to 24 but these were already taken. My plan was to sit in peace, shot up some rigs and catch just a few fish ready for an upcoming match and and possibly bring some fish up off the bottom since we’ve had some sun over the last few days. Having a look down the lake my desired pegs had already gone so it was a short walk with my gear to peg 27. This is in open water and with the wind coming off my left shoulder it will be comfortable enough. Only being armed with hard pellet and meat my attack will be driven mainly by loose feeding one line on hard pellet and possibly aiming for some lumps on punched meat on the deck over some mashed up meat. Again like my last session, very simple

The office for the day

Head down

The next hour was rigging up some 4×10 and 4×16 carbon stemmed Carp Greys to 0.18 mainline. Nipping on No 9’s and 10’s on the rigs my shotting pattern was simple. 4×10 floats for 2 feet of water with No 10 shot. A small bulk just under the stem and on the 4×16 rig shotting the pattern consisted of a number 11 10” away from the hook and the spread out bulk of No 9’s 18” from the hook. This rig will be for fishing meat 3” over depth on a size 16 Middy 83-13 which is my favourite meat hook by the way. I set up a total of 3 identical top kits of each and put them to one side. Grabbing a few tins of meat I mash up a load and cup in some at 14.5. My 16m line is being fed via catapult with 6mm’s regular In order to bring some fish in and hopefully catch shallow or thereabouts at around 2 to 3 feet deep

Meat line

Fishing this line with some hope that fish are feeding on meat today I sit and watch the float for 10 minutes or so. Some lifting and dropping coupled with moving the bait side to side slightly doesn’t instigate any bites on punched meat. Still feeding the 16m line I switch over to have a quick look on it. Starting off at 3 feet deep I’m looking for liners to see if fish are moving in but still nothing. 30 minutes really isn’t a long time to wait for fish to move up in water when trying to catch shallow. It can take a couple of hours or so, and with this in mind I go back on my meat line. Bait lowered down the bristle settles nicely and I start to see bubbles with my float in the middle of the fizz. It doesn’t take long for the bristle to I’ve off to the left and then plow under. A quick lift of the pole tip and I’m into something nice here. The 12-16 red hollow pulls out and my pole tip submerges. This is quite a good battle with this fish which is trying to get out into the middle of the lake. Not much I can do to turn this as it really powers out away from me and sort of stays put. I had another section on and try to release a bit of pressure on the elastic and give the carp some breathing space. A few moments later the carp decides to come in a little and then I can turn it a slowly and ship back allowing me to bring it up for the net. A very nice common of near 9lbs and a few more just slightly smaller fall to this meat ploy. I have to say this really is going well now. After every fish I cup in a handful of more mashed meat. It can only take one carp to mop it all up so a regular top up is needed to keep fish in the swim

Can’t make up my mind

Just for a change I this 16m shallow line which starts producing too. At two feet deep I eventually find a good number of carp. Fishing banded pellet amongst catapulted loose feed is lots of fun. A slap of the rig a couple times wait a few seconds and then catapult some loose feed over results in some good carp being landed and there doesn’t seem to be anything to hard and fast about catching regularly. A few near doubles and I’m really in two minds which line to fish. Fishing meat used to be one of my favourite methods years ago and I can’t help but keep plucking the odd fish out on that line in between loose feeding the shallow swim in order to keep it alive. It really is a fish a chuck now and rotating between lines and keeping the feed going in on ends up producing well. Bang on 26 fish today and well over a ton needless to say I’m happy with the results. Rigs made up as planned and nothing trashed. The fishing was a lot better than anticipated. After all. It was only supposed to be a short practice session that’s put on 100lbs on the clicker in 4 very short hours. It goes so fast when you catch well

The rewards for a hard days work

My tip today

Keeping a regular feeding regime today really kept the swims producing. A constant offering of bait ensured the fish move in and stayed. Banded pellet work well as did the meat line. Could say which one worked best all I can say is that I throughly enjoyed myself.

Next trip, Heronbrook. Until then Stay tuned

Dale Calvert


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