In Session May the 18th 2015

Mon 18 May 15


Anglers name
Dale Calvert

Middy & Bag ‘em Matchbaits

Peg 8, No2 at High Heyes Farm Fishery

Middy XZ65 fished at 14.5
4×16 Middy Xtreme Series 4 float
16 and 18 63-13 Finesse fine wire hooks
0.16mm mainline to 0.14mm hooklength
Middy 6-10 hollow
Middy 4G Micro Muscle Feeder to a 3/4 oz Speed Feeder

All Bag ‘em Matchbaits 6mm expanders feeding 2mm micros later switching to maggots laced with Red Aggressor spray

My mate Peter rings me to arrange a practice on a local venue called High Heyes Fishery, which can be a tricky place to fish for Ide. These are not caught up in the water here but on the deck and there are some monster Carp and Barbel too. One of the ponds known as No.2 is not one of my regular ones I fish but decide to give it a go anyway as I am due to fish a few matches here. Got to get my head round this place and a few practice sessions with matches here and there will hopefully do that

Freezing when the sun went behind the clouds. Quite chilly overnight and was very windy today. We opted for down the left hand side end on No2 on pegs 8 and 9. Peter being on 9 I set up pole to be fished at 14.5m and maggot feeder to the bar at around 30 turns

Plumbing up there is around 7 feet of water towards the aerator. We’ve had so much rain over the last few months that the depth is totally different from fishing here last summer when I was on peg 14. Its easily up 12 inches or so and rig choice was a Middy Xtreme Series 4 4×16 to a 63-13 size 16 with a Bag ‘em 6mm expander. Peter was fishing triple dead maggot. My pellet attack is not the norm here, it’s generally a maggot or worm and caster venue but I fish pellet out on pole all the same. An hour or so and all I managed was a few F1’s and a few new stockies

Peter was catching nice Barbel at 14.5 on his maggot lines. I got pretty fed up with being “bitted” out by small stockies and a couple of lost carp so the feeder had to come out. 3 dead maggots sprayed with Bag ‘em Red Aggressor brought in the Barbel. As soon as the maggot feeder landed on the bar the tip wrapped round into one of these. Whilst playing Barbel there’s no mistake what they are. They are just solid. About 10 casts and 5 more barbel are netted.

A few hours out in this wind was enough for me. Chilly most of the day and around 35lbs wasn’t enough to convince me for doing well in the match unless I’m sitting on fish. On a positive note though I caught today, had a good laugh and sorted some rigs out

A short session and my tip today is changing bait was a good choice. Spicing up maggots can give you an edge. Always try to get the heads up on a venue before a match. It will help!


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