In Session May the 13th 2015

Wed 13 May 15


Anglers name
Dale Calvert

Middy & Bag ‘em Matchbaits

Peg 11, No1 at High Heyes Farm Fishery

Middy XZ65 fished at 9m
4×18 Middy Hi-Viz Carp Paste float
14, 16 and 18 63-13 Finesse fine wire hooks 0.16mm line straight through Middy 6-10 later switching to 12-16 hollow elastic

All Bag ‘em Matchbaits 6mm expanders feeding 2mm micros with Sweet Breams mixed lumpy

Windy session again on the cards today. Only going this morning for a few hours and my kit was somewhat unorganised due to a last minute after work session one night in the week fishing pellet waggler. I normally take only what I need unless in a match as I don’t like to take surplus tackle when it’s not needed. Though on this occasion I needed to borrow a pellet pump off Chris

The office for the day

Walking around No1 here at High Heyes peg 11 had the wind off my back and this peg has the added bonus of a thick hedge to also buffer the strong winds. This peg is one up from a feature I did with Match Fishing Magazine 2 years ago and does hold some very good F1’s. These uncommonly are caught on the bottom mainly over dead red maggot but today I’m on a skimmer/bream outing fishing Bag ‘em Matchbaits Sweet Breams. This groundbait smells lovely and has heavy particles in it. It is by far my favourite for fishing for skimmers at this time of year right through to late until the water temp gets colder again. I know it’s preferred to mix it soft and fluffy but I have found that if I mix groundbait slightly wet then riddle it twice it’s lumpy. These small lumps are very similar to 2mm micros and this is exactly what I’m looking for. Unlike 2mm micros, this mix will break down faster and create a carpet on the deck if not eaten. It just offers an edge on feeding something different which is what I aim to do today

Deep stable rigs were needed today

Setting up today deep rigs are needed. At just past the near side slope you’ll easily find a rigs depth of a top two plus 2 feet. Perfect for fishing a top two kit plus a short 4 at 9m. My heaviest float is a 4×18 paste float. An ideal body shape for fishing these depths and holds well when laying some line on the deck which I’ll be doing. Plumbing up I find two identical spots at 9m and I black out the bristle as I have some white water in front of me. Fishing a double bulk comprises of some no.8’s bulked at 18” above the the small bulk which is made up of 4 no10’s three inches above the hook. I fish straight through with double bulk so there is some flexibility moving the small bulk around I order to show bits quicker and if the wind picks up and I’ll can lay a little bit more of the small bulk on the deck

Cupping 125ml in my left swim goes the micros and on the right an equal amount of the lumpy Sweet Breams. Both swims are marked by far bank trees so I know exactly where to fish over. Even though it’s windy today there is no tow so I’m confident where I drop in this bait it’s going pretty much straight down. Now I’ve fed I’m not going to fish it for half an hour. I want some fish to move in and settle. I have a few floats that can be made up so I use this time to do exactly that. Preparation is the key in this game and as I mentioned in an earlier feature I had been off from fishing for 6 months so tying hooks and making rigs took a back seat. I normally do this sort of stuff at home. I can generally can make up around 25 hooklengths a night until I get bored so I have some time to make up. Looking at my watch it’s been about half an hour now. People that were catching to my left have now stopped and I imagine this is down to not allowing the swim to mature a little. Yeah you pluck a few fish out but over time it’s better to let fish like skimmers and bream feed confidently over a mix. Especially anything that is coloured and will highlight them to predators such and big perch

Going in on my Sweet Breams mix and it doesn’t take long for the bristle to lift above the surface. A typical double rig bite. This skimmer immediately is a jumper. Someone once told me these are hybrids. I don’t know how true this is but it’s jumping well clear of the water. Quite a good first fish too. Over 1.5lbs and it’s easily netted. Skimmers and bream are my favourite fish for many reasons. They are great weight builder initially, but most of all they just seem to be more pleasant to catch than other fish. In greater numbers usually with nice tell tale bites plus they fight for a short burst to which they can be landed without fuss, not like carp or barbel giving their all even when in the net. Still windy but with patchy cloud I can see this blackened bristle a treat. It lifts several more time allowing me to land a steady catch of more skimmers and a smallish bream to then be followed by some small stockie carp. Not what I’m after today. Then a hard fighting barbel is on and I lose this at the net. It stayed on the deck for ages swimming left and right and then when coming to the net took an acrobatic jump and dive and shed the hook. Next fish I’m into is a chucky F1 of around 3lbs so I decide to pot in some more lumpy mix and leave it for half an hour while fishing the micro swim. The fizz in this swim didn’t go unnoticed. I always get excited at this sight. A lot of anglers find it difficult to catch when the swim is fizzing. I’ve found that just to back off the fizz a little and fish a heavier bait like corn helps. So a grain of corn is nipped with some of the point showing and the rig is lowered slowly down in a straight line. Fishing corn is by far my favourite bait. And today with all that fizzing going on it’s got to produce. And sure enough, no longer than the bait hits the bottom the bristle lifts and it’s a skimmer. Excellent news. A nice steady stream of good size skimmers fall to my double bulk corn ploy and now it’s time to top this up with another 125ml pot of micros and leave it for half an hour or so. The groundbait swim must have settle nicely and I’m hoping for the skimmers to have moved back on this line. In I go to land two tench in a row. Chuckling to myself I make up another rig with a size 14 straight through on 0.16mm and shot it exactly the same. This time just to fish two 6mm expanders. Maybe this will change things. Only takes 5 minutes to make this rig up and soon enough a better fish comes. This one is a proper bream. 3lbs. Not massive I know but they are ready to spawn at any moment by the look of this fish. Hoping more of these will follow is soon downtrodden as I only manage two more of these and it’s obvious double pellet just isn’t working. At least I had some nicer fish on it anyway

A decent string of skimmers on both swims today back on single pellet and corn but I have to say, the Sweet Breams line did produce fish more frequently and of course some bigger ones. It’s a pity the weather has changed somewhat and started raining sideways. Time to pack up and get some stuff at home

My tip today is two fold. Try a nice sweet groundbait like Sweet Breams. If you’ve had a go with it before try mixing it lumpy. You’ll notice the change it can make. A long bristled float like the Middy Hi-Viz paste range is very buoyant and perfect for fishing double bulked rigs


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