In Session May 10th 2016

Tue 10 May 16


Anglers name
Dale Calvert

Middy & Bag ‘em Matchbaits

Peg 26, Rivington View, Wrightington Fisheries, Lancs

Middy XK55-2 fitted with 12-16 redHollow Shock Core, 0.14mm 6“hooklength to a size 16 93-13 for expander and a size 18 Middy Band ‘em for hard pellet all tied to a .7g Inline Carp 2

Bag ‘em Matchbaits 2mm Micros soaked, 4 and 6mm expanders & banded 8mm Super Natural Pellets


Completely different weather we’ve been having lately. Came on yesterday and fished peg 5 and managed one carp before calling it a day. Threw everything at us on that session. Rain, sleet and snow, but worse than that was the wind. It changed direction which made even fishing at 7 sections impossible. Today however is very cold with a chance of wintry showers. The wind isn’t as strong but it’s coming right to left at around 15-20mph but this is due to grow. The plan is to replicate my 3 hour session a couple of weeks ago as due to the weather warnings however as they say “all best laid plans and all that”


Start off at 7 sections with two swims. 10 o’clock feeding 2’s and hard pellet and the 2 o’clock one just dripping in hard pellet via catapult for noise. Normally I could feed this by hand but the wind has put stop to that. Opting for a more stable float today as water is very choppy. The PFSE Inline Carp 2 is perfect for this. The .7g float is bottom heavy due to the 3 no. 9’s I directly place under the stem. Plumbed over depth and shotted with a bulk at 18” above the hook. I also have 3 droppers just to stabilise the bait a bit more. An identical rig set up for hard pellet. I aim for these two rigs to cover two left and right swims that are 10 feet apart


60 mins into the session rotating swims and not a bite or even a sign of something feeding. Very choppy water and a blistering cold NE wind and fish would lift the spirits. I look over to Peter fishing tip and no signs for him either. Now it has just started sleeting. I ship back in and change hooklength from a size 16 to 18 and try the two swims with a 4mm pellet. Not a drastic change but this may spark off something.

Well after 30 mins of fishing hard pellet and only two skimmers later a change of plan is required. I come to the conclusion the fish are obviously not feeding closer in and against my wishes I decide to fish full 16m in this wind. Can’t be worse off I think to myself. So I grab the banded pellet rig and plumb up one spot only slightly to my left. I tie a little extra line between the pole tip and float just to help battle the whipping of the pole during these gusts. I find that the swim is only 3 inches deeper so I move float up 6 inches and opt to fish 3” over depth to combat the tow. I feed corn and hard pellet and then try to catapult lose offerings to create some noise. This is hard work holding back against this wind. Especially when flicking bait out by catapult. Even with fishing over depth the float is moving but this change of fishing at 16m does the trick. I lift and position the rig back in its correct spot and I’m into a carp. Not one of any great size but this 3lbs or so common is very welcome. It’s actually made the difference in me battling the weather or going home early. I hope there are only more to come. Eagerly I ship back out and drop two more grains of corn and two hard pellets. I then catapult 3 more and lower in the rig with them. No sooner than the rig settles the bristle disappears and I’m into another carp. This one fights a little harder and though it’s not larger it’s a ghostie. I hold this up to show Peter as it’s been 2 years since I’ve caught one on here.

Well into the session fishing at 16m I land another 7 carp on this line including 3 more skimmers a tench and two barbel. Biggest carp being around 6lbs. Not bad considering the lake fished very hard today with some blanking which wasn’t surprising considering all the previous nightly frosts and horrendous wintry weather the past two days. Roll on May

Tip – A change from fishing close to going to 16m today ensured I caught. Heavy baits such as corn and hard pellet keep the bait tight on the deck which was a must with today’s tow

See you soon



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