In Session March 2015 pt 1

Mon 16 March 15


Anglers Name – Dale Calvert

Sponsors – Middy & Bag ‘em Matchbaits

Venue – Peg 34, Merlin’s Pool, Hall Lane Fishery

Tackle – XZ65 at 14.5m. Middy Carp Grey Series 1 4×14. Lo-Viz 0.12 to 0.10 6” hooklength using a size 20 Middy 63-13

Bait – Bag ‘em Matchbaits. 4mm Super Natural Pellets soaked

The Session

This was my first outing in 6 months. Very heavy workload then a wrist fracture meant fishing was impossible. Have to say though, when I had a date in mind to get back out I was itching.

Saturday came and the cold hit me as I had walked outside first thing. Must had only been 4 degrees. An overnight frost in areas coupled with a cold easterly wind meant some hard fishing was on the cards.

Met up with my pal Phil who had arrived early and already gathered some tips on the venue. Having only fished in once before several years ago and not on the pool we chosen we were going in blind.

The office for the day

My gear was somewhat unorganised, which is never heard of with me. I would say I’m very picky with what goes where and why. This session was really going to be about finding my feet again in terms of setting up and selecting the right rigs and approach for the next 3 hours…hopefully.

We walked down past the first set of islands to settle on the second gap between two islands which meant I was on peg 34. About 13m across I opted to fish near the island slightly to my right which gave 14.5m of pole out in front of me. This swim was around 4 feet deep and a second deeper swim of about 6ft a little over half way across. I selected a wire stemmed 4×14 Carp Grey Series 1 for both swims and tied on a size 20 63-13.

My terminal selection

Having done a big bag of soaked 4mm hard pellets I grabbed a handful and riddled them through to create a semi dry mush as feed. I had found this to be successful late last year in catching carp and good size F1’s near the far shelf and the thinking behind using it again would be simple. I’d drop in the rig and then feed a little. Perhaps backwards feeding may be an option if catching well but we’d have to see on that one.

Well, having fed both lines I fished the middle one first. 15 minutes in and zero bites. “Oh ek” as they say up here. Lifting and dropping and even tried maggot and corn skin to no effect. So the 15 minutes turns into half an hour and I decide to go across and stick it out for a bit. You know when you haven’t see the float move for a while your eyes can play tricks. Well, this has been the first outing for me for 6 months so 30 minutes or thereabouts seems like hours. Then a very quick bite caught me by surprise and certainly as I had been fighting the pain in my hands from the cold wind due to sitting still. Lifting into this bite, my stiff hands woke up and I shipping the pole back slowly to bring a foul hooked small carp to the net. Chuckling with Phil over my first fish in ages being a foul hooked meant only one thing. Fish in the swim. So shipping back across with some riddled pellet I dropped in on the same spot and instantly the float shot away and a nice mirror landed with little fuss. Picture opportunity taken, and quickly too as this little bugger soon woke up when being held and I could only imagine it would jump out of my hands and land on my pole. “Quick quick” I said to Phil and promptly put it back into my landing net for it to be lowered back to the water.

Bag'em feed pellets

F1’s on the scene and several of them pretty much came on the bounce followed by a nifty Ide. Only one Ide I must say, and even switching over to maggot didn’t bring them in. A couple more small mirrors and some F1’s finished me off for around 15lbs. I wouldn’t say this was particularly a great session fish wise but certainly got me back in touch with all my gear and operating like a thinking angler.

One of the better fish to be had

I shall return here when the water warms up and see what I deals for me then. In the meantime a visit to my favourite Wrightington is on the cards next weekend or sooner.

Tight Lines

Dale Calvert


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