In session March 2015 pt 2

Tue 24 March 15


Anglers name
Dale Calvert

Middy & Bag ‘em Matchbaits

Peg 8, Old Canal, The Cunneries, Ecclestone

XZ65 at 13m. Middy Carp Grey Series 1 4×14. Lo-Viz 0.12 to 0.10 6” hooklength using a size 20 Middy 63-13

Bag ‘em Matchbaits. 4mm Super Natural Pellets soaked

The Session

Not fished here for ages. Well before my accident. So it was time to pay it a visit. Upon arriving I had a look at the bottom lakes and after a short walk round I decided to fish the Old Canal as a couple of people were on it already and catching a few.

Setting up my gear was real simple. 13m today tight across. The sun was breaking through a thin cloud line and was quite pleasant with little wind. I aimed to fish 4mm pellet, and again riddled 4mm as feed. My rig consisted of a wire stemmed Carp Grey Series 1 4×14 to a size 20 hook. Shotting was a tight spread of No. 11’s half an in apart just above the hooklength. The Bag ‘em pellet was just nipped in the corner to ensure connection with a fish as soon as it took it. I made sure I had plenty of line between the pole tip and float due to the sun being fairly bright and strung some No.9 shot above the float to keep the line tight.

Plumbing was a little tricky. Looking for around 3 feet of water as I was trying to find two swims across the same depth in order to maximise my options for feeding. One swim with riddled bait and the other just feeding 4mm’s. Both lines identified by far bank markers, I was happy to cup in some riddle bait on the 2 o’clock line and fish the 10 o’clock line plopping in three 4mm soaked pellets with my hookbait.

In the first half an hour I potted in about 4 more riddled bait parcels at intervals in order to create a nice cloud of mashed up pellet to help attract some unassuming F1’s. Still fishing the 10 o’clock line plucking out the odd F1 with the help of some loose feeding I decided to give the 2 o’clock line a go for a look. Shipped over and dropped some feed in I slowly lowered the rig down through the swim. “Zump” the float went under and the elastic really shot out through some rushes got itself stuck under the water about 6 feet away from the swim. My doubled up 4-6 solid wasn’t enough to stop this fella ploughing into the rushes and slipping the hook. A pull on the elastic and my hooklength gave way pinging my float back at me trashing it. I so hate that when that happens and certainly on the first drop in, but not a major problem really as I had a second top kit already done up exactly the same. I mostly do this. If I’m fishing 3 different swims, then I’ll make up 6 kits. Saves messing around trying to plumb up on an already producing line and spooking the swim.

Rig out and back in the swim for some more action. It went quiet. No movement at all. I guess it had spooked the swim. So with that I went back on the 4mm pellet as feed line. Quiet too. Thing with F1’s is that you have to find them. I’ve learnt that they rarely will come to you. Especially after a spooking. New line plumbed up on the slope of around 5 feet brought an instant result. A lovely F1 over 2lbs. Feeding a pinch of 4mm’s after every drop in I had several fish in this line making it a decent back up. I wouldn’t really want to feed riddled up pellet in water over 4 feet of water as it would either only bring the fish up or attract small fish such as roach and baby Ide.

A slower than average but steady run of F1’s kept me playing around with my shotting pattern and really gave me the chance to think about how the bait was being presentedand other things I could do to keep bites coming. Apart from feeding a close line on the inside, I don think I could have improved things much. Maggots and corn were an option for me on the day but I really wanted to stick out fishing pellet.

My tip. Keep a few options open when fishing for F1’s such as other lines and different feeding patterns. Play around with your shotting a little and you may find one produces better than the other.

Tight Lines

Dale Calvert


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