Bagem in session February 2014

Wed 26 February 14


Anglers Name Dale Calvert
Sponsors Middy & Bag ‘em Matchbaits
Venue The Cunneries Fisheries, Eccleston, Lancs
Match/Peg 7, New Canal

XZ65. Middy Carp Grey Series 1 4×12 Lo-Viz 0.12mm to 0.10mm 6” hooklength using a size 18 Middy 63-13
All Bag ‘em Matchbaits. 4mm Super Natural Carp Pellets soaked overnight and 2mm Super Natural Carp Pellets. Later switching to corn

The Session

Weather was a little chilly with a westerly wind coming in around 12-15mph. When I arrived my friend Peter was already there eyeing up some pegs at this great little fishery. I have to say, every time I see Gary here, he’s working his socks off making improvements and doing maintenance. I got the gear out of my van and we decided to pick some pegs that had wind on on backs. That was the plan anyway. Trudging down the canal we opted for pegs 6&7, 7 being mine

Image 1

Upon setting up the wind started to pick up and change a little. More like straight from our left than on my back. With this is set up a short top 2 rig and one straight across at 11m to some stick ups. Plumbing up I found 2 and a bit feet of water so opted to use one rig for both. I set up two
identical Carp Greys in case one got trashed as this is speed fishing at its best when they get going. I reminisced back when I did the “Black Corn” feature here 2 years ago with Pole Fishing Magazine. It was very different weather wise but with planned simple feeding I felt I could put a good number of fish in the net.

I phoned ahead of time and sought permission to use nets and proceed to feed 5 feet away from my left by hand. My far bank swim was going to be fed by catapult with around 10 micros as often as I could. Shotting pattern was spread out 2” apart just above the hooklength and I put one no12 on the hooklength and proceeded to fish pellet close in feeding the same amount of micros by hand every 30 seconds. So pattern went feeding, laying the rig in sideways rather than straight down, watching bristle settle, counting to 20 and feeding. Picking up my catapult I flicked over some micros across to my 11m line then lifted my rig and followed the process close in again. About 10 minutes later I missed the first bite. I fed a little, lowered the rig in and connected with the first fish. A spirited fight from the lovely little F1 was great considering I haven’t been out much in the past few weeks. I lifted this fish up to Peter to show him how pristine this little one was. Immaculate. I run of 9 F1’s following this pattern and the swim goes cold. Not the only thing as the wind is picking up too. Sure hope the rain stays off today

Image 2

Time go go across. Even though I have been feeding by catapult I mount a pole pot and feed a few this way too hoping to bring a few fish up in the water by a constant stream of micros going in. Not many micros in number I might add but aiming to get these fish to compete by coming up. Lowering in my rig sideways it’s off immediately. My doubled 6-8 Middy solid is by far my favourite elastic now and it doesn’t take long to land this near 2lbs F1. Larger than the average it’s a great fish and again in perfect condition. Peter is catching steady close in and we chuckle at the fact I need to get my lunch out if the van but can’t take myself away from the routine of feeding the fish and not me.

I catapult a few micros over again and put about 10 of the same in the pole pot. Laying in again the rig is straight off. This smaller one landed I have a stream if around 30 over the next hour and a bit when I start getting liners and foul hook a couple of carp. Obviously I have brought them up. Shallowing up 5” I ship a pellet out and hook one straight away. Change of depth was a good choice. When liners like these happen I don’t struggle on trying to connect with fish for long. I have learnt to find the fish as quick as I can. And this has paid off as I am really catching well now and I am confident that I can improve things by switching to corn skins. Everything is perfect for corn now and I have a tub of Bag ‘em corn in my bag. I like this corn as the kernels are large and fairly robust. They squeeze well and stay on the hook if you miss a couple of bites. Feeding micros and 2 kernels of corn after every fish for the next hour lands me plenty more of F1’s. A few gudgeon have come out on the next peg but none for me. All carp this side. 60 on the clicker so far I keep the feeding regime going. A couple of fish plucked out in my close in line but it’s nowhere near as positive as my 11m line. Constantly playing fish I keep feeding by catapult while shipping back ensures they stay interested.

Catch shot

Only fishing till 1 today I’m happy with the results and have 81 carp on the clicker. 2 of us lifting the nets out its obvious there’s over 90lbs bagged. Great for this time of year. Peter won his match with 68lbs on Thursday so I’m delighted with this weight in 4 hours


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