In Session April 2016

Wed 13 April 16


Anglers name
Dale Calvert

Middy & Bag ‘em Matchbaits

Peg 4, The Horseshoe, Wrightington Fisheries, Lancs

Middy 4GS Micro Muscle Feeder rod, New Middy 3000 Baggin Machine Reel, size 16 Middy Band ‘em to 0.18mm switching to Middy 4GS Bagging Pellet Waggler rod

All Bag ‘em Matchbaits 2mm Micros soaked & banded 4mm Super Natural Pellets as hookbait doused in Pellet Oil

First outing for a while. Only for 3 hours this Sunday morning. Weather is on my side until lunch time according to BBC Weather so having a few things to do by get ready for a long week at work, 12 o’clock is a good marker to fish to. My kit seemed really unorganised compared to my usual “over the top” tidy gear. Landing net handle covered in a little mold from the last very wet session. Now, this peg sits just left of some lillies that will come up in a few weeks and faces a tall tree to the left. If you cast just right of this tree close to the bank the pickings can be great. I have had quite a few sessions here catching well over 100lbs in 3 or 4 hours either on straight lead or waggler. Today I’m going to be fishing pellet feeder and waggler. Switching between the two to see what works best. My rods are already set up, so all I have to do is change over hooklengths from my last session which seems like ages ago.

Whilst levelling my box and clip on the side tray I soaked the 2mms. Landing net out and I plonk myself down and flick out the feeder a few times and the clip up. I don’t want to fish too close to the far bank as the water is still chilly. My intended area is 4 feet away from the bank in around 4 foot of water. This seems like to good place to start.

For the first 15 minutes I just cast a few more times than usual to prep the area with bait. Hopefully this activity and lose feed will spur some carp into moving in. 9.30 and I have the first “sit in my hands cast”. 10 minutes looking at the tip and nothing. Well at least my hands are warm in this chilly wind. Another feeder full of bait sent across and again the looking down routine begins. 10.30 comes and it’s fish less. But hey, I have a full flask. What do you know. I bend down and reach in my bag and the tip shunts round. They must be laughing at me. Well a small spirited fight lands me the first carp of the session. A stumpy 3lbs or so black mirror. This fish is immaculate. Shiny and very well behaved as I unhook it. I slip this one back in and load up the feeder again. I plonk in about 2 foot off target but decide to leave it all the same. I’m not very proactive when it’s cold. I kinda go into shut down mode unless I’m fishing the pole. It’s a lot more active pole fishing and you generate more body heat fishing pole than the just fishing tip. Half hour goes by before the next fish take the bait. I knew it was going to be slow today but I don’t mind. It’s so nice to be out here today and enjoying my quarry.

4 carp now. None above 4lbs. Paul the owner trots by to have a chat. Not seen each other for a while so it’s nice to catch up. Pat, his black lab is the chunkiest, fittest lab you’ve ever seen. Must be the vast space he has to trot around in. A few wraps rounds of the tip while we were talking but nothing nabbed unfortunately. An hour later some skimmers move in for the micros. I guess they couldn’t resist. Some good ones too. Some of them verging on being called bream really. Then would you know it, after switching to waggler to see if I can hunt out any carp 3 greedy chub are landed. No sooner than I cast over my pellet feeder line with my waggler set at 2 foot I land 3 more carp pretty much one right after another.

It’s been a real short session today but have thoroughly enjoyed the outing.

See you soon



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