In Session 7th of June 2015

Sun 07 June 15


Anglers name
Dale Calvert

Middy & Bag ‘em Matchbaits

Peg 9, Canal Pool, Heronbrook Fishery

Middy XZ65 fished at 14.5
4×16 and 4×14 Middy Xtreme Series 4 float
16 and 18 63-13 Finesse fine wire hooks
0.16mm mainline to 0.14mm hooklength
Middy 6-10 and 12-16 hollow

All Bag ‘em Matchbaits soaked 4mm Super Natural Carp pellets feeding 2mm micros

Couldn’t have picked a worse day for practising here for a magazine feature. Weather is horrendous. Wind is ok but the rain forecast today is very heavy

Walking round peg 9 is right on the first bend and has a few options as swims go. I will plumb up 3 swims and rotate between two of them and go in down the track later after

Getting my box sorted I set up 6 kits. 4 with 6-10 hollow and 2 with 12-16. I generally do this in case of breakages or “birds nests” if I suffer a serious hook pull. Plumbing up I find some good depth on my middle swim and the left and right ones differ only slightly but still need their own rigs. I pot in a good helping of 2mm’s and some corn down the middle and go straight across and fish the right swim first near some stick ups. I noticed some fish knock the plummet earlier so I’m confident that this one will produce fast and soon enough my first Canal Pond F1 shows itself in my landing net. Not massive by any means but this little chap did give a spirited fight. A few more F1’s come in and this just seems too easy compared to my last visit here.

Rotating on my left swim which is slightly deeper than the right one and the rain moves in. Potting in some micros and I’m already getting liners as I lower the rig in. The first fish darts off towards some stick ups so a little side pressure and shipping back is needed to avoid getting stuck on the these. They come quite far out from the bank and it’ll be easy for a fairly good size fish to fly in those. I can’t seem to do anything wrong on this line but facing to my left fishing this swim is unpleasant due to the rain so I switch and fish the right again. I have around 50lbs on the clicker so far and I have been fishing for about two hours. Time to have a look on the shorter line down the middle and see if any good fish have moved on it.

This line is fairly deep compared to the other two. Around six feet deep so I will do some backwards feeding to make sure line bites aren’t a problem. This is simple. Don’t dump your feed into the swim as soon as you ship out just wait until you hook into a fish and then turn the pot round and tap quickly. This ensures the loose feed falls though the water whilst your playing the fish thus eliminating any foul hooked fish or line bites. I’m hoping for some better fish on this line as I have introduced a good a amount of offerings earlier so I fish a size 16 hook with 12-16 hollow. Lowering the rig in and no longer than the bait hits the bottom the elastic shoots off and this carp is better than the F1’s I’ve been catching all morning. Bringing this fish in is a little tricky and I promptly take a picture of it. A very nice near 8lbs mirror. This however was the only large fish of the day as I catch another 30 odd pounds on this line before the rain is just too much and makes the fishing miserable. Time to call it a day and hit the road home.

My tip today was to rotate the two far lines early keeping off the rested line for a couple of hours. Backwards feeding really came into play today. Give it a try


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