In Session 21st of April 2015

Tue 21 April 15


Anglers name – Dale Calvert

Sponsors – Middy & Bag ‘em Matchbaits

Venue – Peg 26 Rivington View, Wrightington Fisheries, Lancs

Tackle – Middy XZ65 fished at 10 and 11.5m, Middy Carp Grey Series to 0.12mm hooklength. 63-13 size 18 fine wire hook

Bait – All Bag ‘em Matchbaits 4 & 2mm Micros soaked, XP Crushed Expander.


A few pegs available from peg 26 to 30 today. Peg 26 is on the left hand side as you drive up. A fairly short walk, this peg has a steep bank behind. Fishing 8 sections will be easy today and skimmers can usually be found in large numbers between 5 and 13m. I imagine they don’t want to compete with the carp and keep well away. When catching big bags of skimmers here I usually rotate between two swims keeping things very simple. I’m only fishing for a couple of hours on this peg and switching between lines fishing one until it slows down a bit concentrate on the other and visa versa. A little regular feeding on the rested line will give me quick bites when I revert back

Getting ready

Having already soaked the pellets last night all I had to do was to select two new rigs and bulk shot them accordingly. Mainline is 0.14 to a 0.12 hooklength. Hook choice is a Middy size 18 63-13. As the water is deep and fairly choppy today I’ll use a wire stemmed Carp Grey Series 1. Plumbing up I find very even swims on both lines only varying 3 inches or so. I’ll opt to fish 3 inches over depth on both due to the choppy water and a tow

Having a look around a few fish are coming out and I feel confident that this short session could prove well if I feel my way into the swim after an initial cup of offerings by feeding only a few lightly dusted micros every fish and then increasing my feed if it picks up

Wanting skimmers only I go for a sweet option with my bait. Two sprays today to see if there is any difference between them on feed and hookbait. Bag ‘em Matchbaits F1nesse Green and the clear F1 Spray. The latter being my favourite. Both smell awesome but F1 Spray is just like cream soda

First drop

My first task is to cup in some 2 and 4mm pellets on my second swim at 11.5m. I’ll fish this in around 30 minutes or so when the first swim dies a little. The tow is from right to left so on my first put in I feed slightly to the right of my desired swim. I’m only talking about a foot but with this tow and the depth of the water the micros should land on the spot. The F1 Spray rig settles and I get the feeling it’s going to go under quite quickly. I’m mean, the swim does look very fishy today. I was right too as the bristle just drops away on this 10m line like the float was on a trap door. A very positive bite indeed. Lifting the pole tip my 6-10 hollow shoots out of the pole around 6 feet and while shipping back the tell tale wafting weight on the end is the telltale sign of a hooked skimmer. Excellent start. Over the next 30 minutes skimmer after skimmer fall to the ploy of fishing a soft flavoured 4mm pellet and feeding around 30 micros. I have around 10 fish for 5lbs out of this swim and it’s showing signs of slowing down

Another section

In on the longer line now with the F1nesse Green the bristle is a little easier to see with the tree line on the other side. Dotted down with 15mm showing the bristle dips away. This fish is a better than any caught earlier. Not by a mile but definately feels heavier. At a around a pound another 3 come in just slightly smaller of around 12oz. I have this vision that a big shoal is over the feed but it wasn’t to be as the next fish to take the bait was a carp. Being around 5lbs this mirror is not what I wanted on this side of he lake. Having already fished the other side on peg 7 this morning for three hours managing 30lbs of carp for another feature I didn’t want this swimming around both swims. Landing this bugger as quick as could I ship back out on the 11.5m and another 4 carp come to the net. These are not as big as the first so landing them is easy. Not wanting carp now and fearing they are dominating that line I go back on the shorter line and concentrate on my skimmers. After all they are my favourite fish. Nice bites and easy to land, I like them as they are greater in numbers usually and they can give you loads of sport when other fish don’t feed well. These sweet pellets definitely done the trick today. Every put in resulted in a skimmer and time is ticking on for me to lift the net out and do some shots with my cameraman Peter who is ready at arms. With an enjoyable 25lbs net of skimmers today I pick out two and hold them up for the camera

My tip today

Fishing over depth in the tow helped keep the bait still today. Try the flavoured sprays from Bag ‘em. I’m sure you’ll love them


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