In Session 16th of April 2015

Thu 16 April 15


Anglers name – Dale Calvert

Sponsors – Middy & Bag ‘em Matchbaits

Venue – Peg 3, The Horseshoe, Wrightington Fisheries

Tackle – Middy White Knuckle 10ft waggler rod, Middy 4g Fat Boy crystal waggler to a size 16 Band ‘em

Bait – Bag ‘em Matchbaits 6mm Super Natural Pellets banded

Foggy start. During the drive in the visibility at times was really poor. I was hoping it was going to lift otherwise it going to be a hard pellet waggler session. I know it’s not the weather for it yet on a lot of venues but if you can catch it at the right time fishing pellet waggler will provide some awesome sport.

Foggy start to the day

Arriving here it was very cold and foggy. This venue is fairly high up and it make take a little longer for this fog to clear than down in the town. A couple of anglers here already I plonk my gear down on the walk-on island. This is a walkway that used to separate two lakes. Over time this became one lake with a figure like a horseshoe. Peg 3 faces a steep bank with trees overhanging to the left. To the right there is a hole that I aim to fish. The need to clip up is a must in order to get tight in and ensure I don’t hook any foliage on the other side. Sunday I did lose a couple of floats on hooked fish. They do tend to head for somewhere safe when they’re hooked. Left is very snaggy with overhanging branches and right close in are lilies. I will wander round after the session to grab one that I can just see.

Only fishing for 3 hours today due to some chores at home I keep it simple. Box all level and I unpack the new little rod I’ve got. 10ft is perfect for here casting tight over. These are quite stiff on casting and I can pretty much hit a dartboard every time with these. The attack is very simple. Bag ‘em Matchbaits 6mm hard pellet banded and I’ll catapult two or three over every other cast. A 4g crystal waggler set at 48 inches to start and shallowing up from there every 5 casts. This should hopefully find the depth in a shortish period. First cast and the bait hardly settles. Didn’t even have time to send some bait over. I will make sure I fire over the pellets before I cast. Anyway. A pretty good first fish. A mirror of 3lbs landed and the fella in the next peg comments on the speed of the bite. I think it’s bad luck myself. And it was. Couldn’t get a bite at 4 feet so started counting my casts and the procedure of shallowing up. I know it sounds like a small margin but finding fish at a difference in depth of 12” is very different and in this cold water they can be very reluctant to move very far for bait.

Half hour later my second fish is on which comes in with a spirited fight. This rod is fairly stiffer than my 4g waggler and playing fish on them is fun as I feel every bang on the tip. I land this and fire over some Bag ‘em pellets then cast to the same spot. A good depth of 24” and I’ve found them. Several more 3 to 4 pounders follow and then it’s time to shallow up some more as I’m just getting liners now. 18” deep not including the float length and fish are feeding well. Now it’s late morning and the fog has lifted. This sun sure feels nice. Amazing how cold I was in that fog. The sun is warming me up now and every cast I’m leaving the waggler to settle for 20 seconds or so then give it a jerk to move the bait. The top of it disappears and this bugger is heading for the lillies to my right. They haven’t fanned out in the surface yet but they are still dangerous. I have to stand up and hold the rod high in the hope that this one stays shallow and give me the chance of getting it in safely. Phew! Happy with the result. This nice near 8lbs common is proudly held up for a photo.

a nice 8lbs common for the cameres

Time to call it a day. 12 carp for 44lbs on the clicker. What a great venue. Very pleased considering how cold it was overnight and the fog when I arrived.

My tips today

A regime of catapulting pellets before casting works for me. Shallowing up is a must when trying to find the depth they’re sitting at. Try jerking the float a little after it has settled just enough to move the bait. You’ll see it works


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