In Session 14th of June 2015

Sun 14 June 15


Anglers name
Dale Calvert

Middy & Bag ‘em Matchbaits

Peg 14 Canal 1, Wrightington Fishery

All Middy
XZ65 at 5 sections
4×14 PFSE In-Line Series 1 paste float
83-13 size 12
0.18mm Lo-Viz mainline straight through
12-16 Micro Shock Core Hollow elastic

All Bag ‘em Matchbaits 4mm Expanders and Natural Commercial Carp Paste Mix

“Cracking flags” as they say up North. The weather over the last few days has been glorious. I met up with my pal Peter and we decide to fish the canals today as spawning was in full swing on the other ponds. Cloudy but warm today with a chance of rain and no breeze whatsoever which I a shame as it would make fishing a little more comfortable.

Having not fished paste since last year I was itching to have a session on it. Got our annual Middy Match next week so I am out to have a practice session and make up a few rigs in between some feeding. My peg would be very organised today as normal. 4mm expanders as feed and fishing paste. How easy is that! 4 rigs set up. Two with size 12’s and the other two with a size 14 hook on just in case a larger piece of paste doesn’t go well. All tips blackened out to make hinges very visible in the white water. Not being very bright today it’ll be easy looking at white water all day. Plumbing up two swim at 5 sections, one being fed positively and the other with nothing at all.

Finding 5 feet of water a 4×14 will be perfect. I’ve pumped some 4’s already and keeping them in water I mix up some paste. This mixes up lovely and can be fished quite wet if required. Some paste scooped up and flattened in my palm I wrap the paste around the size 14 hook and plop it in the pot together with some 4mm’s. I have an extra section behind me just to get that extra length which helps with the bait being 3 feet further down the top kit whist in the pot. I push the pole a little bit further out, dump the paste and loose feed then slowly move the pole back to have everything straight down through the swim. The bristle does the normal dance before rising to its correct height and sits there lovely, just with 20mm showing. It lifts and shoots off but I miss that one. Back out with some new paste and I plop it in for the bristle to do the same thing while settling. Some fizzing has already started around my float the bristle is knocking like mad. A few dibs and it shoots off to the right. My newly made up kit with 12-16 elastic is burning off towards Peter. I have to bury the pole tip under the water to put a little more than normal resistance on the pole to turn this chappie. I reach out with my net and scoop it up. A cracking mirror of around 5lbs. Good first fish I shout over. Back in with some paste and a dozen 4mm’s I hit into a few bream. Nice fish too at just over 2lbs. For the next half an hour or so I keep the same routine going of feeding 4’s and blobbing on a good size piece of paste for every fish. Lowering in and this one buries the bristle straight away. This bugger is one of those jumping bream. I does a fantastic show of aerobatics before being slid across the surface to the net

All is good on my positive swim fishing a big blob of paste and a dozen 4mm expanders keeps them feeding all morning until around noon where all I seem to get is cruician after cruician. Now as nice as they are they are not a good size in here yet. I decide to dump in a load of 4’s and leave this line for a little while. I make up some rigs for next weeks match before I fish my negative line for a look. 4 more rigs made up and I ship out on my 10 o’clock line. No feed going in on this. I will however after 2 minutes or so whip the paste off to leave it on the deck to break down. This is the only feed that will go in on this line. I do this over the next 30 minutes and get stuck into a few good fish. 30 minutes or so and now I can start rotating between swims to see if any bugger lumps have moved in over the big pot of loose feed

A good decision as no sooner than lowering in on the fed 2 o’clock line to bristle lifts right out of the water and buries off to have me playing a fish nearly in the next peg. With a “tut tut” from Peter who has been catching very well on meat my carp is rollicking around near his swim. Turning this one wasn’t that easy as it seems like it’s on steroids. The extra energy must be due to the spawning which is about to commence. I net this one to and hold it up for a shot

The weather today couldn’t have been better today contrary to the forecast. Didn’t rain after all and with a cloudy sky it made fishing enjoyable. We lift out the net and put a lot of the smaller carp back along with some barbel and cruicians to avoid them getting damaged by the larger carp. We take some shots and reflect in today’s session. An easy 60lbs of paste caught carp made it a decent day.

My tip today was feeding 4mm expanders instead of micros. This kept a lot of small fish away which can be frustrating when fishing paste


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