In session 12th of April 2015

Sun 12 April 15


Anglers name Dale Calvert

Sponsors Middy & Bag’em Matchbaits

Venue Peg 6, Rivington View, Wrightington Fisheries, Lancs

Tackle Middy Micro Muscle Feeder rod, New Middy 3000 Baggin Machine Reel, size 16 Middy Band ‘em to 0.18mm

Bait All Bag’em Matchbaits 2mm Micros soaked, XP Crushed Expander and 6mm Super Natural Pellets as hookbait


Super windy this morning and raining. The weather forecast did warn us. 25-30 mph winds with stronger gusty periods. I don’t mind packing up when it starts raining but setting up is a different matter. Not a nice start. Only 7 degrees and I nearly a frost last night. Aerators going like crazy when I arrived and the fish normally feed well first thing when these are on. Settling for Peg 6, not because I love this peg, but purely for the wind is off my back here. With a little banking behind me makes this a comfortable choice. My intended swim would have been on the opposite bank in the 20’s fishing tight to the island but I am not sitting in that. Rain and strong wind pummelling at you, no thanks. Another let down was I wanted to fish pellet waggler today. Middy have sent me a collection of pellet wagglers and the new White Knuckle PW rods perfect for fishing to Islands, but with an over the left shoulder wind presentation would be nearly impossible. Much better to cast out a feeder and sit tight. Wait for that tip to rock round. That’s the plan

Getting ready

Setting up is easy. All my rods are already set up and stored in individual Middy Match Team Padded Rod Sleeves. Two clicks and I’m ready to just cast out and clip up. Grabbing my bags of Bag ‘em 2mm’s and 6’s I’m sitting comfortably. Having already soaked the micros yesterday from my session on the Horseshoe I’m ready to get clipping up the distance. A few chucks and I aim plan to fish the hole next to the island which is on my right. I opt to fish a 15g pellet feeder with a size 16 4” Band ‘em Roughly 2 feet away from the edge

The office for the day

Easy clutter free fishing like normal for me today. All my gear is nicely tucked to one side. Only a few things on my side tray. 6mm pellets in one tub. 2mm’s in another. Hooklength box, catapult, a borrowed towel (thanks Peter) and knot tyer. First cast in and it’s lands with a lovely plop. No fish can honestly resist this. And sure enough, no more than a minute in and the tip flies round. A strong battle close in near my pallet and the barbel shows itself. Then this is followed by a few more carp to the same ploy on the same dinner plate. 4 carp and 1 barbel in total in the first 30 minutes before the wind gets stupid and my swim dies. 7.37 the aerators go off here.

The wind changing coupled with the aerators switching off hasn’t helped me much. I decide to offer a bit of loose feed by catapulting 3 pellets after each fish. This seems to start working. It’s been quite tricky chucking out a 15g pellet feeder on the same spot every time in this strong side wind. I’m not going heavier now. For this time of year this a perfect size feeder for this venue. I will just struggle on regardless. Lining up my shots better with a swing forward then backward before casting gets me on the same spot. 4 more carp follow and I decide to put a net in to get a catch shot and the end of the session. This is always done with prior permission from the owner Paul as this is strictly no nets venue apart from matches. Then it totally goes dead. The kiss off death


Two hours chucking around on a straight lead looking for fish just gives me a few fish in the net. With this wind pushing round the island all I can surmise is the fish have moved away. Carp love following the wind and this place is no exception. I re-clip a new distance. 10 feet further round towards the aerator. This is an easy choice for me as peg 6 has a few options with island swims. A few chucks and the fish definately are here now as line bites are constant. The only problem fishing this far round is that there is a lot of natural snags and a cable that the fish head for when hooked so this means a fair amount of lost fish. Not to mention a few hooklengths in the process

Moving the fish out

Regular catapulting of hard pellets away from the island in slightly deeper water over the next hour brings a couple of fish. I opt to spruce up my offerings. Out come the crushed expander. I sprinkle a good helping over my micros and re-wet the bait to ensure the micros stay in the feeder during casting. Sure enough with a few chucks out the tip wraps round and a good lumpy mirror is landed. Then another. I’m on to a good thing here. 9 more fish come in before a larger lad grabs the bait and dives for the snags. Yup you got it. A lost hooklength. Looking over to my mates who are persevering with pellet waggler in open water I give a big grin. Smiling Assassin they call me and I’m living up to it today

Good result

I finish off the session with another lost fish and we pull the nets out for a catch shot. Weather has taken a turn on the nice side. Typical. Still cold though in that wind. Two full landing nets while posing and I have counted 82lbs on the clicker. Not bad at all considering this place hasn’t really woken up yet and the awful weather today.

My tip today

Small 15g pellet feeders and smooth casting has helped land my bait perfectly on the same spot in bad conditions. Spruce up your micros with a sprinkling of Bag ‘em Matchbaits XP Crushed Expander. It gave me that edge that I needed today!

Tight Lines

Dale Calvert


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