In Session 10th of May 2016

Tue 10 May 16


Anglers name – Dale Calvert

Sponsors – Middy & Bag ‘em Matchbaits

Venue – Peg 25, Rivington View, Wrightington Fisheries, Lancs

Tackle – Middy XT15-2 fitted with 10-14 pink Hollow Shock Core, 0.14mm 6“hooklength to a size 18 63-13 for corn and a size 18 Middy Band ‘em for hard pellet all tied to a 4×16 Carp Grey Series 2

Bait – Bag ‘em Matchbaits 2mm Micros soaked & banded 8mm Super Natural Pellets


Couldn’t wait to get back from work today. Arranged a 3 hour evening session with Peter. We walked up the hill to find quite a few on. Paul did warn us due to the recent nice weather it was busy. Someone bagging on peg 7 assured us that the fish are moving


All set up and a quick drenching of the 2mm micros for feed and grab the pots of Bag ‘em corn. Simple rigs today, two only. Both plumbed up to find swims at the same depth at around 7 feet. I have these set at just touching with a bulk of no 9’s 10” above the hook. I want to avoid foul hooked fish from laying over depth which can happen easily on banded pellet as the hook is exposed. I will swap between banded pellet and corn on the left swim. The usual 10 and 2 o’clock lines are at 10m. Left swim being fed micros and very little amounts of corn. The corn only line on the right is to sit for an hour unfinished. Couldn’t be easier


The first few put in’s I feed about 20 micros and a couple of kernels just to get some bait falling through the water. A fishless half hour follows and I have repotted 125ml of micros. Corn lowered in and there are now signs of fish feeding as the bristle moves left and right a little and then it disappears under the surface. This new pink hollow elastic bottoms out quite fast allowing me to net the first fish of the day. A very knobbly bream just around 2lbs. I hold this up for Peter to admire as he’s playing a carp on pellet waggler. Back in on corn and it goes off again. Pretty much the same stamp is landed several times over the next hour so I decide to try a hard pellet to single out some bigger bream or carp

No sooner than the pellet hitting the deck it flies away and pulls the elastic towards the island. I can’t stop this one from veering off even when I sink the pole tip in the water. My elastic slides back in the pole bringing the rig back to me. There are some big fish in here. My PB on Rivington View is 15lbs now this wasn’t that size but it was a definite double. Moving on from this I ship back out again with hard baited and instantly I’m in on another fish. No where near the size of the lost fish but it’s a nice 5lbs mirror. This Middy pink subdues the next fish with ease also. 30 minutes later I have 7 more carp to my name and Peter is trying to keep up on waggler. A quick look on corn and it’s obvious hard pellet is the bait to fish today. Corn is always my first choice as it’s so versatile and will catch good size fish all year but hard pellet fished over corn is a great combo

Not wanting to forget about my 2 o’clock swim I have a look over it with hard pellet. A few minutes later and I’m into a good fish. Surprisingly when this is landed its a 3lbs barbel. Very nice to see these growing well. When these were introduced 3 years ago these were only around two inches long. Now they’ve become hard fighting and very greedy. On a session last year I had over 50 of these on straight lead. The next 6 fish were all mirrors with the biggest being around 6lbs in this line and with this I call it a day

Tip – Great short session today. I’d say hard pellet fished over corn did better and the bites were ferocious

See you soon



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