How I finished 2nd in the Sensas Challenge Cup 2015

Thu 12 March 15


With Bag’em Matchbaits Kayleigh Smith

This weekend (7th & 8th of March 2015) I fished the Sensas Challenge, this is a team match which is fished over two days to international rules. The match attracts teams from all over the country including the French international team. This year it was fished on the river Soar. During practice it was apparent that it was going to be difficult and if everyone in the team could catch a fish we would be doing well! We also worked out that in certain sections there were some big perch to be caught, we reckoned if we could catch one of these it would be mega team points.

Day 1

I drew B section (Sutton) peg 31, this is one of the sections that we thought that the odd perch would get caught. I fished a roach mix at 13m with bloodworm where i was just trying to catch a fish, and a perch line short where i fed worms in soil. About 40 minutes into the match John to my right caught a kilo perch at 13meters, i knew i had to leave my perch line for at least an hour before having a go. After fishing for a fish on bloodworm long for an hour and half without even an indication, i decided to have a go for a perch. After about 10 mins on the perch line float disappeared and i was into my first perch. It was roughly a kilo maybe a bit smaller than Johns. That was it, i decided it was pointless fishing long in hope of hooking a little roach as i have a fish in the net, which was more than what most of the section could say. I reefed with worms in soil and sat back over it and waited. The guy to my left hooked a perch but unfortunately lost it right at the net, then a guy a few pegs to my right landed one, they were all roughly the same size. With 45mins left of the match my float went again and i landed my second perch which was defiantly bigger than my first. Time was called and as far as i was aware only a few roach had been caught at the bottom of the section. I was the first to weigh in my section as i was the first to have caught a fish, i weighed 2.350kg which proved just enough for the section win as Hadrian Whittle had 2.300kg of roach and skimmers from the last peg in my section.

Day 2

I drew the same section but 7 pegs down stream (B 38) toward an area where a few tiny roach had been caught the day before. I was confident for a few bites and maybe another big perch. I set up the exact same as day 1, i was fortunate enough to catch a gudgeon 2nd run down on the running rig at 13meters which i knew would get me some team points as there were going to be some blanks in the section. I fished this line for the first hour catching 6 tiny fish, as soon as an hour had passed i dropped on my perch line, the float was not even in five minutes before it disappeared and my first perch was in the net. I dropped a ball of soil and worms in and went back out and caught four more small fish. After about half an hour i had another drop on the perch line and i only had to wait 10-15 minutes before the float went again, i was into the biggest perch of the two days which was quickly landed. With two perch safely in the net i thought i might as well drop a ball in and leave it half hour and try it again, this is what i did but no more turned up. The last two people in my section (Calum Dicks and Darren Bickerton) had been catching small roach most of the day and were admitting to just short of two kilos, i was pretty sure that my perch were at least a kilo each but thought it might be quite close. In the end my two perch weighed 2.630kg, Darren had 1.500kg and Calum had 1.700kg giving me another section win and a perfect 2 points over the two days. The only other person to have a perfect two point score was Matt Godfrey. He ended up beating me on weight by 500g, so i finished 2nd individually and the team (Trentmen B) also did very well ending up 4th overall qualifying for final in France in October! All in all an excellent two days which proves just how important practicing is in team events like this.

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