Bagem In Session May 2014

Wed 28 May 14


Anglers Name Dale Calvert
Sponsors Bag ‘em Matchbaits & Middy
Venue Tunnel Barn Farm
Match/Peg Peg 50 High Pool

XZ65. Middy Carp Grey Series 1 4×12 Lo-Viz 0.12mm to 0.10mm 6” hooklength using a size 18 Middy 63-13.
All Bag ‘em Matchbaits. 4mm Super Natural Carp Pellets soaked overnight and 2mm Super Natural Carp Pellets

The Session

4.00am and out of the house at 5am for the long journey down to Shrewley. Breakfast in the fishery cafe got me all set for the match on High Pool. Never fished this lake before so drawing peg 50 meant nothing to me. Told it was probably an end peg didn’t matter much when it’s pasty size F1 fishing at your feet
Drove up to the pool to find its one off the end which wasnt pegged out. I had an end of the island in front of me but it was only really reachable at 17.5m which I would not be fishing to considering I only had 16m with me. A very steep bank behind me would mean breaking down twice while shipping back. Pretty windy also so fishing long would be hard work. Opting for feeding at my feet from the off and fishing long on corn for larger fish.
Plenty of bait with me. Loads of corn, pellets and 5 pints of maggots. Opted for maggot and corn skin lines front of me either side of my nets and a pellet and corn line across to the island. Feed micros if big fish didn’t show. Rigs were easy. 4 wired stemmed Carp Greys. Two for across and two for close in. Easy. Shotting strung out just above the hooklength

Lake image

10.30 All in went and I was first on my side to have a fish on long line. Shipping back and breaking down was a pain and all the time flicking in with maggots on inside lines. Landed the pasty and back across with 4mm pellet to hook into another and another for it to become super windy by about fish number 10. Feeding inside all the time over the next half hour without trying them.

11.00 Time to try the inside as wind is picking up in gusts making things tricky. Maggots being flicked in constantly I nip a corn skin on the find F1’s immediately. Problem is they are super tiny. Need 3 to 4 of these to make a pound. Not good. Seems the wind is pushing small fish this end. Even switching to a 6mm pellet or a solid kernel doesn’t change the stamp of fish. In fact at times I’m hooking baby ide. One hour on my side lines aren’t being fruitful. Plan is to step up the feed by flicking in bait more regular in order to pull in larger fish and push out these little buggers.

12.00 Back across to allow both my inside lines to build up through feeding. Now there are some lumps in this pool so having some loose feed on my 16m the option to chuck a pellet feeder or straight lead across may be a good one. Picked up my XK55 feeder, I plonk in a hard pellet to a size 18 Middy Band em. In a matter of 5 minutes the tip wraps round and a 3lbs mirror is in the net. Not the lump I wanted but certainly not a tiddler like the rest. And by the look of things. The biggest fish of the day so far. Fishing the tip gives me time to concentrate feeding close in. A bit of a breather also on fishing long pole. 3 more mirrors but much smaller this time come in. Even a regular little and often barrage of hard pellets catapulted in doesn’t draw the fish. Perfect depth out there too. 3 feet of water, but it’s stuffed with small F1’s still. Decent fish just aren’t getting a look in, so back on the long pole to land a few more. Corn is proving to be the best bait of the day and my micros are going to waste as I’m backwards feeding corn only with the hope for the larger loose feed to improve things.

2.00 Sunny but windier now I had about 70 fish on the clicker on my long line. These have all been hard earned considering the wind and shipping back. There is no competing with someone fishing short when you’re fishing long. So even though I’ve had plenty of looks down the inside it’s time to go for broke close in. I had fed lots through the day but very very regular so hopefully it’s done the job. First drop in and the float is off. The one is not F1. A study fish by all accounts and it’s not being stopped. Snapped off at the hooklength the fish felt like a good double. The elastic just kept going and going. No chance in landing it. I wouldn’t let it deflate me though. Got to keep my head down I thought and keep catching. Time to speed it up so the next hour and a half would consist of feed, drop rig in feed, hit bite, feed, land and feed again. Maggot, maggot and more maggot down the edge with some kernels for fun and corn on the hook saw better F1’s. Not by a long way but at least they weren’t baby ide

3.30 and match over. I know I got a battering from peg 48 on my right and peg 2 on my left who both were speed fishing short. I had a good feeling that I will do ok on the weigh in as I put quite a few small fish in the net fishing short
74lbs 11oz put me 7th. I didn’t win but happy with it considering the peg and truck load of baby ide in front of me.

Catch shot

Main thing was to concentrate on feeding off those annoying baby ide. There was just tons of them in front of me and through a constant heavy feeding regime the F1’s moved and and pushed them out


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