Bagem In Session June 2014

Sun 29 June 14


Anglers name Dale Calvert
Sponsors Bag ‘em Matchbaits & Middy
Venue Whitmore Fisheries, Kirkham, Lancs
Match/Peg Doughnut

Middy 4G Micro Muscle Waggler rod. Middy Band ‘em size 18 to 0.18mm
All Bag ‘em Matchbaits 8mm Super Natural hard pellets

The Session

Arrived at 7 in the morning for the start of my week long pleasure session as my mate Peter misread website thinking fishery opens at 7am on a Saturday. It doesn’t. 8 o’clock more like. Well, gave me an hour to sort some tackle out and get organised as my last session ended with rain as I packed up so all my kit was in a muddle and needed a wipe down.
Gates opened and found to my surprise how other anglers were hideously dipping their landing nets then running to their desired pegs. Thought this was over the top. Still, I trudged off and found an easy peg on the doughnut. Island obviously in the middle being a doughnut shaped pool. Not as round as the Arena island at Cudmore but an easy enough chuck with a waggler.

Waggler image

Lovely weather due today as forecasted it at 20 degrees with sunny spells at times with very little wind. Starting off at 18” deep I clipped up tight to the island and baited the band and chucked it over. Not fished this pool for a year so a little cautious with feeding so I opted for a couple of pellets at a time every cast. As they say. “Feeding for one fish at a time”. Took only 3 casts to get into the first fish. A good run left as the fish tries to go around the island. Fairly chunky 3lbs mirror in the net after a short but spirited fight. Pellets fired back over, cast out and in again. Seems like this may be going too well too early.

Lake image

6 more carp follow and some of them take the bait literally as it’s hit the water. I’m not going to change a thing if it stays like this. Just keep it going nice and simple. Catapult 2 pellets over. Cast tight to the island and reel back once to give myself a little but of breathing space on the vicious takes. After landing my 7th carp I’m into a bigger fish immediately. Much bigger. This one swimming right at me after trying to get round the island it just sits on the bottom in front of me and won’t budge. Seems like an age with my rod doubled over it decides to swim off again and I catch it with my landing net after it swims by me for the second time. Great fish. Knocking 10 or 11lbs and super strong for this weight. Far more than normal for this size it seems. I get Peter to rush over and take a picture of me holding this quickly before returning it back to the water.

Fish in the net

Opting to have a look on pellet feeder and pole just for a change and nick a few more carp and barbel here and there it’s obvious waggler it the easiest method today for bites and a lot of fun.
Stopping as I’m getting sunburn I go for a short walk to the cabin for a bite to eat I caught 27 fish today mainly being carp including one obvious double and some very good 5 and 6 pounders.

Tip for today.

Getting tight to the island today and using a clear waggler made it easier to get bites than my previous excursions fishing tight to islands when waggler fishing.


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