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Thu 30 January 14


In Session
Mini Features Sponsored by Bag’em Matchbaits

Over the coming months, members of the Bag’em Matchbaits team will be passing on tips and information on how to approach numerous different venues all over the country. They will let you know what tackle, baits and tactics produce the goods and how they got the best out of there peg on the day. This will become a unique guide into how to approach numerous venues from some of the company’s top rods including Neil Machin, Lee Thornton, Pete Goodman, Lee Taylor and many more. So if you are visiting a venue for the first time, keep coming back to the ‘In Session’ feature, you never know you might just learn something that will make a huge difference next time you’re out on the bank.

Kayleigh’s canal session

Anglers Name Kayleigh Smith
Sponsor Bag ‘em Matchbaits
Venue Stainforth & Keadby Canal
Match/Peg Teams of 3 Winter League, Peg 210

The Session

I fished on the Stanie canal at Thorne on Sunday on the teams of three winter league run by Lee Kerry, Tom Scholey and Matt Godfrey. The match was from white well bridge right up to the flats with 70 odd fishing. I drew peg 210, having fished in this area on the first match I knew there were a better stamp off roach to be caught. My main plan was to fish at the bottom of the close shelf at about 8 meters with two lines, one at ten to and one at ten passed. Here I was going to feed joker in 60/40 soil and ground bait, I would then have a line at 16 meters where I would fish hemp. Also a little rig set up for the side of my net to catch a few perch at the start.
At the start of the match I loose fed some joker at both sides of my net the cupped in 5 balls of soil/ground bait on each of my short lines. I then cupped some hemp in at 16 meters. I then picked up my rig for the net and caught a few perch… that was until I hooked the bottom of my net and snapped the hooklength. With a few fish already in the net I decided to abandon this line and go on the bloodworm line.

First drop in resulted in a nice roach about 7oz, I caught a few fish here but it just did not seem right for some reason not many fish were being caught on the short lines. The guy to my left went long on castors and was starting to catch a few fish. I had being flicking hemp over my 16 meter line since the start of the match and with him catching and nothing much happening any were else I decided to have a drop on it after just 1 hour.

First drop in on the hemp the float carried on going strait under, thinking I had too much shot on I brought it back in and took a shot off. I then shipped back out and now the float stuck out about an inch… confused a then brought the rig back in put another shot on then went back out. This time the float settled and then went under, I struck and was into my first fish. I then tough the first put in when the float went under it must have being a bite, it must be solid.

I caught on this line steady for most of the day, it went quite in the middle for about an hour so I just come off it went short on bloodworm and caught a few fish while I was still flicking hemp at the long line. When I went back on the hemp line the fish had returned and I was now catching a better stamp.

Catch Shot

At the end of the match I weighed 14lb 3oz, this was enough to win my section and put me 4th overall on the day missing out on 3rd place by only 3oz! I was a bit gutted as I could have had 3 more oz but at the same time I was pleased with my performance and to finish that high up against the quality of anglers that fish in the league I was pleased. Steve was 1st with 16lb, James Dent was 2nd with 15lb then Pete Duffy with 14lb 6oz then me with 14lb 3oz. It’s a great league to fish in with plenty of fish to be caught. I have learnt loads in the 5 matches that I have fished on there and look forward to the next match.


Commercial fishery canal winter tactics

Anglers Name Dale Calvert
Sponsors Middy & Bag ‘em Matchbaits
Venue New Canal, The Cunneries, Lancs
Match/Peg N/A

XZ65 at 10m. Middy Carp Grey Series 1 4 ×12. Lo-Viz 0.14 to 0.12 6” hooklength using a size 18 Middy 63-13
All Bag ‘em Matchbaits. 4mm Super Natural Carp Pellets soaked overnight, 2mm micros and XPD.

The Session

It was freezing cold today, cloudy and very windy. Upon arriving, brollies were being blown all over, some inside out, good job I don’t use one! Looking at the water it was obvious it was a lot denser from the recent cold rain that’s gone in, again another hard day on the cards.

My set up was going to be simple today, opting to use 2 top kits only. One was for fishing on the deck, and the other for trying at different depths. No cupping kit required as this venue responds better to “trickle” feeding during the session as do a lot of venues at this time of year. I grab two wire stemmed 4×12 Middy Carp Greys. Knowing the depth at 10m is fairly good with 3ish feet, I plumb up to find three identical depth swims, about 10 feet apart. I memorise these swims with stickups as markers. My plan is to feed one and chase the F1’s, when that area dies, keeping the feed going in to stimulate the fish back into feeding mode.

image 1

I trickled in feed, adding six pre soaked 2mm Bag ‘em micros and a pinch of XPD to start. Hardly a great kick off is it, but some food all the same. I lower the rig in slowly, which proved a fairly difficult task in this wind, especially when trying to keep it straight, even at this short length. The last foot I really slow it down, allowing any fish in the swim to see it. If there is any that is. Plumbing up earlier I didn’t knock any fish at all. Worrying! The float settles nicely, just showing about 5mm of the bristle. It sits there for 10 minutes with no movement. Even with several times of lifting and dropping. I don’t want to introduce much feed but I can’t help but be inclined to offer some sort of feeing regime to get them there and keep the interested. I’m not looking for rogue fish just swimming up and down the canal. So for the next 30 minutes I ship out, dribble in some micros and XPD and lower the rig in directly in the middle of the sinking loose feed, producing a kind of “funnel” effect.

image  2

I alter my shot from a simple bulk to a fairly tight spread of no. 11’s just above the hooklength with a no.12 on the hooklength 3” away from the hook.
I then spend another 15 minutes following the same feeding process before my bristle registers a small shoot under. “Fish on”. Hoorah! My Middy 6-8 doubled elastic is set very soft. Almost to a point where after every fish it’s hanging out of my side pulla a few inches. This is winter fishing after all. I tend to use solids at this time of year and Middy as a company have so many good solid elastics. A 1lb F1 is landed and I quickly ship out and feed again. 3 more follow to the net and now it’s time to chase them around as they are not playing game today. I pick off 2 more from just outside the feed area and then the swim dies. No feeding and lifting and dropping temps anything.

image 3

Now time to feed up the other swim. Shouldn’t take as long to get them started again and I’m pretty sure they haven’t backed off far either side of the initial swim. And right I am thankfully. A couple minutes of feeding and I’m back into fish. A normal size F1’s and then a mirror of 2 1/2lbs. My pole is blowing around like crazy behind me on the roller as I’m playing this one. It’s so windy today it’s a miracle nothing has broken. I look up to see a fellow angler’s brolly turn completely inside out. Oh dear! The last carp is then followed by a decent string of F1’s and this swim dies. On the chase again and I’m all over the three swims looking for bites here and there to finish with 31 F1’s and the only mirror of the day in 4 hours. I’ve caught that many here in an hour in the summer in front of the cameras. Show’s how different fishing in winter is.

Can’t take any more as the wind and rain is hideous. Even fishing fairly short today was hard work but I still caught fish, that’s the main thing!

Top Tip

I think the tip for today was constant feeding, by regularly introducing small amounts of loose feed, I was able to keep the fish in my area, thus producing the bites I needed.


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