Bagem In Session April 2014

Wed 30 April 14


Anglers Name Dale Calvert
Sponsors Bag ‘em Matchbaits & Middy
Venue The Cunneries Fisheries, Eccleston, Lancs
Match/Peg Peg 5, S Canal

XZ65. Middy Carp Grey Series 1 4×12 Lo-Viz 0.12mm to 0.10mm 6” hooklength using a size 18 Middy 63-13
All Bag ‘em Matchbaits. 4mm Super Natural Carp Pellets soaked overnight and 2mm Super Natural Carp Pellets

The Session

Well, since I had a pretty good session on my last visit here I decided to have another go practising for an upcoming match. Upon arriving the weather was definitely changeable compared to last time. Super windy from the West with rain forecast in the afternoon.

Image 1

After having a coffee and a chat in the cafe Peter and myself decided to try get out of the wind and go down on the early pegs. With the wind on our
backs it’ll certainly make things a little easier. Trudging down to canal we met a few fellas who recognised me from my write ups on here and out of the angling press. Looking for pointers I was happy to help them for a while to which by the time I finished with them Peter was already set up on peg 6 with a line 7 sections across and one close in

image 2

Plumbing up I found 2 feet in both swims I opted for on the far side. Both of them just away from stick ups in slightly deeper water. I’ve found on my last session that the F1’s weren’t in their usual holes but further out from the bank. My other rig for down the track being a 4×16 wire stem Carp Grey just touch the deck with positive shotting to a size 18 Middy 63-13. This lovely fine wire pattern has been my favourite for quite a long time now.

Riddling off the XP twice and drained off the micros I potted some out on all three swims. I aimed to try to keep a rigorous feeding regime in order to keep the fish there and pluck a few out of each swim before moving to the next. Being cold this extra activity won’t hurt!

Rotating between the three swims the two across the far side were super windy. Making it hard to hold the pole steady even at 7 sections. No fish after 15 minutes on either of the swims I stepped up the feed hoping to force them into feeding. Around 10 minutes later the first F1 came to the
net. Just nipped in the corner of the mouth, I was surprised this one made it to the net. I adjusted the depth by 10mm aiming to get the next hooked fish a bit more positive. Back in down the track two more of around a pound were landed but again just nipped in the side of the mouth. After a few adjustments by 10mm at a time I was back in with a pot of XP and micros and as soon as the bait settles the bristle went and the doubled up 6-8 Middy solid shot out and it was a little bigger than the last ones. A 2lbs mirror nipped in the top lip. Result! Just to point out this left me around 2 inches off the bottom.

Image 3

Time to go across the far side fishing the same off the bottom I rested the short swim. Very lively with fish over there as it’s seemed my elastic was constantly out and then netting more fish than anyone else. Probably 10-1 apart from a chap on my left who was doing well “reverse feeding” but the match on the other 3 stretches were struggling. After a glance I could see most of the fishing either tight up on the far bank or on a top 2. It was obvious that the fish were not feeding in he margins. Rotating my catching between the two across I managed another 30 or so F1’s 2 inches off the bottom before the wind become horrendous. Being forced to fish short for half an hour didn’t stop me catching but not at the same rate. The two across were well primed now so with this in mind I still aimed to feed them then ship back until the wind tailed off a little. And so I did. Good job too as the F1’s completely backed off the line down the track and left me no option to go back across. And good job too. Straight in and the float buries.

Image catch shot

It just looked too easy 62 F1’s and 5 small mirrors on the clicker for around 70lbs. Not the biggest bag I’ve had here but decent all the same. Especially with the horrible wind. The bonus was no rain. The main thing is that I kept a strict feeding pattern and kept adjusting the depth to find the best bites.


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