Dale Calvert In-Session

Thu 25 September 14


When I was real young my father used to teach me to cast a fly and land it in a bucket long before I even ventured out fishing. From there I have fond memories of fishing for trout and bass on some very big rivers and mountain lakes in California.

A lot of my fishing in the USA was with my grandfather who was an avid angler with his own boat. We used to fish a massive reservoir call Pine Flat which had some exceptional fishing and certainly if you were prepared to travel for hours along winding mountain roads to settle on virtually unfished stretches.

It’s making me smile right now thinking of my grandfather fishing for bass barefoot with his trousers rolled up and hooking himself in his big toe. Fast forward some years and my introduction to fishing in the UK was mainly on rivers or canals to which I must add I have lost a lot of those skills for. Saturdays and Sundays mainly started by being picked up before sunrise and then fishing right through to dark.

A friend of mine back then was a great teacher and as my angling skills improved I always gaged my catch rate against him secretly. His patience and wit gave me a lot of sound advice which helped me read the water and adjust my initial approach resulting in improvements and becoming a better angler.

Today my fishing is still about the excitement and the itchiness in venturing out. When I know I’m going I’m giddy and still would rather stay up all night waiting and going through my gear rather than going to bed. The passion for fishing is more than ever now and that shines right through to giving other fellow anglers advice and help in order to improve their session.

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