Wensum Valley Angling Championships

Sun 08 March 15


Event: Wensum Valley Angling Championships. Sunday 8th March 2015.

Venue: Upper River Wensum, Lenwade, Norfolk.

Anglers name: Amer Jawad

Sponsors: Sensas UK and Daiwa sports.

Peg drawn: 10

Rods: 2 x Daiwa Tournament 13ft rods. (Stick/waggler) 1 x Daiwa Tournament 10/11 quiver/feeder rod.

Reels: 2 x Daiwa TDR 2508 and 1 x TDX 2508.

I was asked to fish this well run event last year but had to say no due to other commitments. This year I was asked again and said I would come along and fish but only available for day 2 as had family commitments on the first day. I was quite excited about travelling into North Norfolk to fish the river, although it sounded like it was fishing very hard on places I still felt it could be a good day.

The draw..

The draw room place in the lovely hotel in Lenwade village, I sat with some of the anglers who were dn for the two days. They were very good to tell me how it fished. This didn’t take too long as only 5 of the field actually caught anything!

Pegs 1-10 was very tough with no anglers catching in that section. The bottom section was were the fish were caught or lost, as was the case for a couple of the anglers. I drew peg 10 which was in the tough A-section and a peg which blanked on day 1.

I walked past some very nice looking swims from 2-6 then the river opened out and had less features and also looked much shallower. I arrived at my peg and noticed how shallow the river was with twigs sticking out mid river.

My approach:

My set up was very simple with no place to fish a pole I set up three rods. One 4 × 4 alloy stick float, with a strong downstream wind I also set up a thick straight waggler and a small feeder rod. With the lack of small fish in the river and me only fishing the individual day I made my mind to fish for a chub.

The all in…

On the all in I ran the stick float through the only area I didn’t feel had any snags, but still hooked twigs and sticks in the main flow area of my peg. I started upping my maggot feed and fed casters closer on the stick line and switched to the waggler line further over. It was even shallower over with around 2 feet of water.

After the first hour and no bites I switched to a small ground bait feeder cast down the peg. I gave this an hour and as we approached the third hour I took the feeder off and clipped a straight lead on which I cast over the loose maggots down the swim. Three hours in two anglers came walking down from the earlier numbers and said nobody in our section had a bite and most went home as for some it was two days that they were bite less!

Home time…

Something I never do is pack up early, especially when no fish have been caught in my section. But with the long drive home (2 hours) and the fact nobody had caught fish from this section in two days over ten pegs I thought I would call it a day.

Reflection and result…

First thing I must say is, what a great run event by Keith and his team. It’s such a shame the river didn’t respond this weekend. I met some really nice anglers today and one of them, Lee Bennett managed to find a few fish on both days to win the championship with two section wins. Well done Lee, so pleased for you! To prove how hard the day was only three anglers caught anything on day 2 with a sole 3lb 10oz chub winning the day and 5oz coming third overall! I felt I did the right thing.

Better Luck next time!



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